Columbus Ga Business News - Positive


TSYS posted higher than expected 4th Quarter earnings which sent their stock to an all time high this week.   The Columbus based payment processor is a centerpiece for business in Columbus residing on a 52 acre complex along the Chattahoochee river.    TSYS has had to weather the loss of Bank of America as a customer but has handled it well.  They are filling the hole by adding clients like Capital One.   What's in your wallet?

TSYS is a subsidiary of the bank holding company Synovus which also posted a very good 2006 earnings and growth report.   The companies both expect 2007 to be a good year for them.  Synovus expects a 9 - 10% growth.

This coupled with the other positive news in the area from Columbus based AFLAC, KIA, and Fort Benning gives us a compelling case for strong growth in Columbus this year!

The Columbus Ga Real Estate market will certainly benefit from all this good news!


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