Homeowners in Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach and all communities throughout Florida are watching early actions in Tallahassee on property tax relief.

The House Government Efficiency and Accountability Council last week approved a measure that experts expect could cut property taxes in Palm Beach County as much as 30 - 40 percent and cut taxes statewide by about 20 per cent.  The legislation would roll property tax rates back to the 2001 level, then readjust for the current year by adding an inflation factor. 

There is much more debate and work to be done on this and other property tax reduction ideas before any relief surfaces in tax bills.  And county governments throughout the state are lobbying state lawmakers to ensure their revenue is not dramatically cut.

But we are hoping the groundswell for property tax relief overshadows spendthrift county and municipal officials.  WE NEED A BREAK!

As Realtors in Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach and throughout Palm Beach County, we believe property tax relief will be one factor jumpstarting the real estate market.  We are following this issue closely and will keep you informed in this blog.


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