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Woodland, California Q3 Market Update

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The Woodland, California real estate market continues to see the effects of a slow economy and the tight credit markets. Sales of homes in Woodland slowed to just 147 in the 3rd quarter of 2009, while the median price fell to just $215,000. Here is a snapshot of Q3 for Woodland:   There are buyers out there, but the market seems to be dominated by first time home buyers and investors looking for homes below $200,000 that may cash-flow. The first time home buyer is being spu...

Woodland CA Real Estate - Two Ends of the Spectrum

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If you are looking for a housing market with a wide range of homes for sale, then Woodland California is the place for you. Few other towns with a population of 56,000 offer such a wide range of housing choices, as illustrated by these two examples of current listings in Woodland. The Country Estate At the top end of the range, the most expensive home for sale is priced at a whopping $9,000,000 (Yes, I said nine million dollars). This beautiful property features two Lincoln Log sty...

Being on Page 1 of Google IS NOT the Goal

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Yeah, that’s right, I said it.  Being on Page 1 of Google IS NOT the Goal.Sometimes it seems we have lost site of the fact that SEO is not the goal, it is just the means to an end.In the 4+ years that I have been involved in doing SEO on my real estate websites, I have seen the forums, companies and experts in the SEO "industry" grow and flourish. At the same time, I have watched a new generation of young, tech-savvy realtors enter the business to capitalize on the technology.Everywhere you ...


Five Tweets You DON'T Want To Get.....

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I'm going to admit up front that I'm new to Twitter and not fully on board with the concept.  I know, I know..... if I just keep doing it, a switch will come on, and suddenly I'll "get it".   Hasn't happened yet.   I mean, if I'm doing something mundane and I Tweet about it, why would you find it interesting?   And if I'm doing something really exciting, why would I want to take time out to tell you about it.  I'm busy actually doing ...


Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

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This is the first time I have blogged under my own name, although I have been blogging at REW under an assumed name for years.   You see, my wife has always been the Realtor in the family, and I have been the webmaster, SEO grunt, and blog writer.  We would discuss possible blog topics, and she would provide me with some good statistics, but in the end it would usually be me pounding at the keyboard. Since the Davis CA real estate website was branded to her, I thought it b...