Real Estate articles increase web traffic to real estate websites


As a Real Estate webmaster, I understand the importance of writing real estate articles, real estate blogs and other pieces of information. Homebuyers, Sellers, and even renters, all want to look up information. Generally they do this by searching on google.

To attract these prospective clients, you must be on the top of these search engines. Sure you can use pay-per-click ads, but that is going to get very costly over time, unless you can convert a large majority of visitors.

The best way to get to the top of the 'natural' search, is by submitting real estate articles and blogs to websites such as and When you write these articles, don't just sell yourself, but provide information. Remember, you want to be seen as a professional in your field or area.

A great way to achieve increased traffic to your real estate website is to write information about your local communities. The real estate website, Zitrof, is working on gathering information on as many real estate markets as possible. Thus, when a really good content full article is posted about an area, the name of the location (area) is place into a wikilink style program. This create a link to that article, anytime the loation or area is shown on any the thousand of articles already on the site. This not just increases your web presence, but also provide plenty of quality traffic to the writer of the real estate articles that are posted on Zitrof.


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Great piece of information. I've just realized over the past couple of months how important this is to your business and to get you ranked higher in search engine results. Also, looking like an expert in your local market doesn't hurt either.

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