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It is important that you read our entire Terms Of USE before you start blogging here at REW Blogs. By reading the following document, you will gain an understanding for not only "what" is acceptable and unacceptable practice, but also "why" these terms of use are in place. We also hope that reading our terms of use will help make you a better blogger. If you have questions regarding any part of this terms of use document, please address them in our blogs forum.

Let's start with some easy to digest blanket statements:

What we would like to see at REW Blogs

  • Useful (unique) information that is relevant to real estate.
  • Commentary, predictions, anecdotes, advice, informed opinions, etc.
  • Decent literacy and presentation!

What we do NOT want to see at REW Blogs

  • Duplicate content - please do not post something at REW Blogs that already exists elsewhere on the web (it does not matter if you are the author or not). (You can post selections from other pieces of work, as long as you add your own developed commentary.)
  • Opinions that aren't informed or qualified. Without backup and explanation, your opinions are just hot air.
  • The "echo chamber". If you will present information/ideas that you found elsewhere, you should contribute to it.
  • Chiefly self-promotional articles with very little useful content.
  • SEO-motivated articles with lots of keywords and very little useful content.
  • Excessive advertisements
  • Link spam

#1: User experience: It is very important to any serious blogging platform that we convey at all times a sense of professionalism and access to high quality information without all the spam or self promotion that tends to plague lower quality FFA blogging platforms. At REW Blogs, our readers get access to unique information and insight from the professional real estate community - not a bunch of ads and link spam which will turn off a visitor and cause them to not return.

#2: Search engines: REW blogs perform very well in search engines - this is due in no small part to the fact that our authors write high quality (Unique) content that does not violate any search engines guidelines and is often referenced from other sources on the web.

Our rules against link spam and other forms of search engine spam or low quality advertising posts ensure that REW Blogs are able to maintain their authoritative status by providing our readership with the highest quality (Unique) content possible. It is also very important that these rules and regulations are strictly enforced so that search engines can trust that they are indexing and ranking high quality "Human" contributed, edited and moderated content.

#3: Link schemes: Any attempt to artificially inflate page rank or link popularity is not welcome here. Search engines frown upon this kind of behavior, and it does nothing for the user experience - when a link is placed in any section of REW Blogs (In a post, in the relevant reading section, in the related links of a post) it should be done so for the sole benefit of the user, and NOT to send yourself link juice / page rank.

Copyright Infringement

If you did not create it, pay for it's creation or have written permission to use it, DO NOT post it on your website or ours.

For all users of Real Estate Webmasters websites and social networking portals: It is unlawful to copy and any graphical or written work and publish it to your own website, blog or any portion of (With the exception of instances covered by Fair Use) Real Estate Webmasters has a zero tolerance policy for blatant copyright infringement and if provided with proof of such infringements the illegally reproduced materials will be removed from your website or blog at your expense. Further infractions may result in a non refundable cancellation of any and all services as well as a permanent ban from the Real Estate Webmasters community.

Do you feel that a Real Estate Webmasters community member or customer has violated your copyright? You may report them using our contact form.

Please be advised that in order to enforce your legal rights and take necessary action against an offending party we require that you provide the following:

  • A written request send via email or fax explicitly detailing the specifics of what you feel to be a violation of your copyright.
  • Links / URL's to your original materials, as well as the corresponding URL's of the offending customers website.
  • Proof of ownership of the original work or proof of first publication (such as that provided by

Once submitted, your complaint will be taken very seriously and looked at immediately. Our customers will be send a notification regarding the details of the complaint and will be provided 48 hours to respond if reported Monday-Friday *Add 24 hours if submitted on a Sunday, add 48 hours if submitted on a Saturday.