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This forum is for real estate webmasters clients only. Here you can ask questions, get help with your website and order new products and services.


  1. You must be an active REW client in order to participate in this discussion group. Those that are not active clients will not be able to read or post in this area.

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  2. For questions, such as "How do I... create a page, add a link, add listings to my page?", please feel free to post in this forum.

    8,708 Threads
    37,705 Posts
  3. If you're a current customer with an REW LEC product (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, or 2012) this section is for discussing the use of the product and common upgrades with other members.

    401 Threads
    1,687 Posts
  4. For questions, such as "How do I... create an email drip campaign, auto-assign leads, create a calendar event?", please feel free to post in this forum.

    370 Threads
    1,712 Posts
  5. Discussions pertaining to REW hosted email accounts. Report email issues, make account requests, and ask questions here.

    1,619 Threads
    5,616 Posts
  6. If you have an REW Blog integrated directly into your REW website, use this forum to ask questions.

    344 Threads
    1,355 Posts
  7. All IDX related questions go here. For instance, issues or questions relating to data accuracy, update frequency, or listing images.

    2,113 Threads
    9,416 Posts
  8. If you have issues accessing your website, the server appears to be down, or if the website or server appears to be slow, post your concerns here.

    97 Threads
    423 Posts
  9. This forum is for customers of our platform. Discuss best use and ask questions here.

    11 Threads
    16 Posts
  10. This forum is specifically for those using the rewIDX platform as an "iframe" - meaning you login to manage it at

    147 Threads
    663 Posts
  11. If you find any bugs in our backend technology, please report them here. This is not for work orders, nor for 'how do I' questions - this is for reporting bugs only.

    5,814 Threads
    25,222 Posts
  12. For REW clients only! - If you would like to have the REW team create or code something (Graphics or programming) - please make request in this forum. Also if you would like a quote on how long it will take, this would be the place to ask.

    6,321 Threads
    43,180 Posts
  13. Once you have approved your work order, and it has gone to production we move work order threads to this forum so that customers may follow up on threads, ask questions and receive confirmation when complete.

    4,830 Threads
    36,436 Posts

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