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    I have had top producer 8i for over a year now and probably are not utilizing it to its full capacity. However one thing I do love about it is how you can send out mass emails to entire groups and the receiver has no idea it was a mass email. You can also embed jpg's right into the email so I use it heavily for marketing. I have 8,000 entries in the database and I drip on them monthly. You can only send out 1,000 emails a day before it's spam, so it takes about a week - but it is the only platform I have found that works like this. I make up flyers in a desktop publishing program and save them as a PDF then convert them into a jpg. Once they are in a jpg I upload them right into the email and when they open it up the email if full of color and pictures and this way they HAVE to see the flyer. They don't have to open an attachment.
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    Daniel -- How did you like Highrise from 37 Signals? Why did you decide to no longer use it?

    I just started with TP last month and am not impressed.. at all. I'm looking for an alternative.


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    My comment wasnt very clear so I apologize. I till use highrise and I am very happy with it. Much better that TP. It isnt specifically built for real estate but with a little creativity it works great and is a lot more intuitive than TP.

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