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    Default checklist for starting a real estate office

    is there a checklist of sorts for opening an office. we all know the office, insurance, mls access, etc. but looking for a complete list, also interested in options for the mls entry only and flat fee companies. not really sure what I want to do but just looking for options.. thanks.

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    Default Re: checklist for starting a real estate office

    I would ask one of the major franchises to send a checklist. I am sure they have them and in the interest of recruiting you they would probably share this with you.

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    Default Re: checklist for starting a real estate office

    I think if you are asking for a Complete Check list you are simply asking someone to turn over their business model to you (and the rest of the world) free of charge.

    I also feel that if you don't have 90% of the costs and systems in place already, you may very well want to look into buying a franchise as this is their strength.

    A franchise sells you the policies, procedures and costs associated with running that particular business.

    You would probable have 50 answers if you had one specific question, but I think you are asking for too much Hard Earned Knowledge...for Free!
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    Default Re: checklist for starting a real estate office

    Every state varies, but you might be able to get some helpful information from your local board of Realtors.
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    Default Re: checklist for starting a real estate office


    Try to prepare some important basic list and then try to discuss all the thing with any senior person who is expert in management and then try to also analysis the market strategy.

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    Default Re: checklist for starting a real estate office

    Why do you want to build a business on being cheap with models such as MLS entry only/flat fee Please understand that I am not insulting you. I am just curious why some people are interested in selling "We are the Cheapest" instead of offering more value. It seems to me the "We are the cheapest model" encourages copycats who under cut you and eventually every ones throat is cut.
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    Default Re: checklist for starting a real estate office


    It is very important to first look and study market strategies and functionalities, then observe the local area, where you decide to start an office.

    The things which are required to keep in mind are

    The location should be very good as, the busy street will give more response in comparision to other place.

    Membership is also very important, setting up contact with other realtors and company gives you latest reviews from industry regarding current regulations.

    get listings of properties that has to sell.

    also, have agents that gives you updates and also helps you to find clients.

    By, this you can have good and well established office.


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