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    Default Googles new national real estate search engine


    I was on here awhile back trying to explain to agents that they need to join together to take back control of the industry and come up with solutions and services that consumers want.

    There is a huge amount of stuff in development from people with deep pockets that want to further distance the agent from the center of the real estate transaction. Slick websites and lead capture methods are nice... but those are reactionary and at the mercy of forces outside your control. My mantra: take control.

    This new google map service should be a wake up call to all brokers to realize that the big players in r.e. (and outside r.e.) want to eventually turn you into a facilitator and keep most of the $$ themselves. See prior post - 7 things every agent should know.

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    Default Re: Googles new national real estate search engine

    I went to the site through your link and looked around a bit. The front end is still a really basic format, but gets better once you click on a photo, etc. That brings you to a much better layout and where they can capture the end user as a lead.

    It looks like the way they currently have it set up, the lead is being driven to the listing agent. I'm sure that format will change in the future, but right now all the attention seems to be surrounding the agent on each listing. It will be interesting to watch as they develop the site further.
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    Default Re: Googles new national real estate search engine

    I'm getting the impression agents don't realize the potential this has to displace them in the home selling process. The information flow and presentation is controlled by someone else which means agents have no control. But for the grace of google are they showing agent info now.

    Think longer term and you may find this isn't so great after all. It was enivitable and you can bet that there is more to come that you won't be able to do a damn thing about. Get prepared for lower commissions and more competition.

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    Default Re: Googles new national real estate search engine

    over40, I know that you are absolutely right. I've read some of your posts about steps we need to take. I believe we still present value in navigating a successful escrow especially with foreclosure properties and short sales.
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    Default Re: Googles new national real estate search engine

    I agree. I could envision a similar platform which would demonstrate property information and several bids being displayed from various reputable brokerages.


    Agent A - 1% buyer rebate (Client Rating X)
    Agent B - 1.5% buyer rebate (Client Rating Y)
    Agent C...
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    Default Re: Googles new national real estate search engine

    i think its good.. it gives the buyers what they want, information. it makes it simple and easy.. it will actualy make our life easier.. the buyer will find a house faster.. so there are a few good things i think it will bring..
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    Default Re: Googles new national real estate search engine

    I do not like this idea at all. Seems like another Trulia in the making except they own the search engine!
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    Default Re: Googles new national real estate search engine

    It seems to be a nice and very useful thing to promote our real estate business in our area.
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    Default Re: Googles new national real estate search engine

    Personally, I really like it also.

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    Default Re: Googles new national real estate search engine

    I kinda like it as well. All the extra services available to buyers has made our job easier as buyers are way more educated nowadays

    I do see the negative of another big fish in the pond
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