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    Default How To Sell More Properties - Guaranteed

    To sell more properties, you have to understand how marketing works...and how to apply that to marketing property.

    And what are those?

    Well. Three simple things, and there are only a handful of estate agents across the world who has caught on to this, and they are smilingall the way to the bank. They could care less if we are in the middle of a recession, because they are
    now selling more properties than ever before and living the lifestyle they want...luxury cars, regular holidays,
    new house....

    And you could too if you just know and apply a few marketing "tricks", and understand three key elements of marketing.

    1- Know Who your potential clients are,
    2- Know Where to look for them and,
    3- Know How to attract them.

    That's It!

    Know and understand these little secrets, and you'll be selling or renting more properties than Ever Before....
    irrespective of market conditions.

    Know how to laser target your customers. How to get their attention,
    and how and when to close the sale.

    So, if you are serious about your profession, and want to be the most successful and most rewarded
    agent in your company, you have to understand that....

    [SIZE="2"]"Selling Is Easy.
    Getting People To Buy Is The Difficult Part"

    But let me explain.

    I'm going to put the cart before the horses, and begin with item number 3 above...

    "...How to attract your potential clients."

    And I'll explain by ways of an example.

    Take a look at some of the largest industries in the world...golf, cosmetics, clothing, soft drinks or whatever.
    What do they ALL have in common?

    They keep making sales, irrespective of market conditions.
    And how do they achieve this? Not because it's a much cheaper product than a 4 bedroom house in the suburbs, but....

    ...Because they know and understand how people, their customers, think and react.

    By knowing their customers and understanding the difference between their needs and wants, they can create
    marketing material that is laser targeted straight at their
    potential clients, and get them interested and in whatever they are selling.

    Ok, now for the example...and yes I know selling cosmetics has nothing to do with selling property....

    Or does It?

    I opened one of my wife's glamour magazines (Yes I do read them as well, but to study marketing techniques),
    and saw an ad for a new skin product by L'OREAL...I'm sure you are familiar with that name.

    "[SIZE="4"]Youth Code[/SIZE]
    [SIZE="3"]Inspired By Gene Science[/SIZE]
    Tried And Tested By Over 1000 Woman
    Re-Awakens Skin's Youthfulness Day After Day

    "I'll never need to try another product!"

    "So luxurious, it just melts into my skin"

    "My skin looks fresher and brighter"

    The Proof Is In The Mirror.
    Skin Looks Smoother, Rested, More Luminous.

    Because you're worth it.
    You must see advertisements like these hundreds of times per day, but do you realise the huge amount money
    and hours of research that goes into creating ads that sell?

    Only if you understand the mechanics of marketing can you really reach and connect with your target audience.

    Now, compare the ad above with the one below for a typical 4 bedroom house.
    (And I just pulled this one at random from the Net...they are all so similar.)

    [SIZE="3"]Property Description[/SIZE]

    A house to call home. Stylish rustic with spacious living areas opening
    up to a beautiful garden with views of the golf course.
    4 or 5 Bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, double garage, lovely braai area and much more.
    Best buy in Silver Lakes.

    Notice the difference between the two?
    Yes I know one is for a skincare product and the other for a house, but besides that.

    No?......here's a hint.

    [SIZE="3"]Features and Benefits![/SIZE]

    The skincare ad is full of Benefits, while the property ad only has features.

    And that is one of the most, if not THE MOST overlooked areas in property marketing nowadays....

    How to distinguish between features and benefits, and how to use them to reach your target market....and not only to reach them but to
    get them so excited in what you have to offer, (selling) that they won't be able to resist a viewing. And we both know that once you have them
    interested, you know how to close the deal....that's why you became an estate agent after all....

    You enjoy the selling process, and deserve to be rewarded for it.

    But this is just one of many aspects that need to be properly understood and addressed to be able to beat the recession and the competition,
    and achieve a higher property sales figure than EVER BEFORE.

    In my next post I will analyse the two ads above, and show you how, by knowing how to use features and benefits, will get your clients queuing
    at the door. I'll disect each sentence of both ads and explain the reasoning behind the choice of words they used.

    And the beauty of it all is, the little "secrets" I'm about to show you works for any property type; residential, industrial, commercial and vacant land...
    whether you are selling or renting....
    in fact, the same principles apply for selling Any type of product or Service.

    If you found this post helpful, please drop me a line.

    Yours in property sales

    George Gordon

    P.S. I'm not here to sell you anything in-case you're wondering. Just thought I'd share what I've learned over the past ten
    years from some of the online marketing "greats", and show you how to apply that to selling your properties.

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    Default Re: How To Sell More Properties - Guaranteed

    One of the keys is to know your market. I know that what used to work up north really doesn't apply in many cases in the south Florida market. Up north, you had people moving into town that were starting a new job by the "end of next month." They had to buy something. Here in Florida, there is a lot of second home, investor, and retirement buyers who lack a lot of organic motivation. From the standpoint of sellers, it's much like running a political campaign....you have to keep putting your name and message out there so when they are ready to sell, they think of you as the expert. There is no easy flash in the pan way to do it.
    John Woodward, GRI, CRS
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    Default Re: How To Sell More Properties - Guaranteed

    Thanks for sharing. You definitely have some great key marketing elements. I also agree with John that knowing your market and buyer is 'key'.
    Michael Iossa, Realtor
    Keller Williams Realty
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    Serving all the Morris, Union and Somerset County NJ real estate markets including Madison, Chatham Township, Chatham Borough, Florham Park, Summit NJ and all towns along the NYC Mid-Town Direct Rail Line from Morristown to Maplewood.

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    Default Re: How To Sell More Properties - Guaranteed

    Thank you very much for sharing your experience.

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    Default Re: How To Sell More Properties - Guaranteed

    Thanks for sharing this was worth reading

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    Default Re: How To Sell More Properties - Guaranteed

    I agree with Jeff. You need to know your market.

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    Default Re: How To Sell More Properties - Guaranteed

    For those waiting in suspense for the second part of this post see below...see I can copy and paste too...

    "Hi again,
    Thanks for your replies.

    Here is the second part on "How To Sell More Properties".
    If you have not read the first, pl go and read that first then this post will make more sense.

    In my previous post I touched on the importance of writing effective
    Sales Copy that actually get customers to buy. Forgive me for repeating
    myself, but it is just about the most important element of any marketing

    It's true, "A picture is worth a thousand words", or "a picture tells the story",
    but "words" sell, not pictures.

    Think of it this way.
    Imagine a advertisement with pictures and copy. (Writing)
    Now, take the writing away. Could the picture convince people to buy?

    Well yes, if you are a world brand like Coca Cola or Nike....otherwise NO WAY.

    Now, remove the pictures and leave only the copy. Could the words convince people to buy...

    For Sure!

    Obviously we use both to strenghten our marketing campaign, but you need to understand
    the importance of writing sales copy that "speaks" to your customer.
    Sales copy that awakens her emotions and puts her in a "ready to buy" mood.

    Now you might think that you're not a writer and therefore cannot write good sales copy....it could not
    be further from the truth....

    in fact, it's better if you are not a writer because then you can speak to
    your potential client in her own "language". And that's very important for her...to feel that you are talking
    to her as a "friend", and not some-one who just want to sell her a house and walk away with the money.

    Over the next few days, I'm going to give you a detailed breakdown of how to write Hot sales copy, but also
    how to structure your entire marketing campaign, whether online or offline.

    But first, lets begin by analysing the ad from my previous post....

    "Youth Code
    Inspired By Gene Science

    Tried And Tested By Over 1000 Woman
    Re-Awakens Skin's Youthfulness Day After Day

    "I'll never need to try another product!"

    "So luxurious, it just melts into my skin"

    "My skin looks fresher and brighter"

    The Proof Is In The Mirror.
    Skin Looks Smoother, Rested, More Luminous."
    Because you're worth it.

    Most people won't notice anything special about this ad. In fact, they might say...
    "just another ad about some face cream. Who even looks at them anymore?"

    Well, companies like these pour Millions of Dollars into marketing every year...why do you think they even still bother to advertise?

    Because they know the importance of it....

    Ok, back to the ad.

    The backbone of this Sales Copy is BENEFITS. It highlights the most important benefits of the product, for the user.

    Don't confuse benefits with features. Let me explain.

    "Micro particle technology allows this cream to be absorbed by the skin without being oily" - Feature

    "Skin Looks Smoother, Rested, More Luminous" - Benefit


    "Laboratory tested to achieve maximum moistening of the skin" - Feature

    "Tried And Tested By Over 1000 Woman
    Re-Awakens Skin's Youthfulness Day After Day" - Benefit

    Are you getting the picture? Features don't sell...Benefits do.

    People buy with their emotions - benefits...no matter what the product or cost...and they justify it with their logic - features.

    But what do 99% of real estate agents do? They ignore benefits and just list a bunch of features...

    remember our ad from the previous e-mail?

    Property Description

    A house to call home. Stylish rustic with spacious living areas opening
    up to a beautiful garden with views of the golf course.
    4 or 5 Bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, double garage, lovely barbecue area and much more.
    Best buy in Silver Lakes

    I only see a couple of features and NO BENEFITS....Big mistake!
    Let's analyse it.

    "A House to call a home...." So what? Every house is a home.

    "Stylish rustic with spacious living areas opening up to a beautiful garden with views of the golf course. 4 or 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms...." - So What?

    Gee, that just makes me want to open my chequebook and write the deposit...hardly!

    Obviously the features of the house are:
    - It's got a homely feel
    - It's rustic
    - Large or spacious living areas
    - beautiful garden
    - views of golf course
    - 4 or 5 bedrooms (which is it)
    - 4 bathroom
    - Double garage
    - Barbecue
    - Good location

    With the same features one could have written an ad that highlights the benefits of having those features, and thereby speaking to the potential client's emotions and not his logic....

    remember, peopl buy with emotion and justify
    with logic.

    Something like this would have been better:

    "This beautiful home makes you forget all your work stress (benefit),
    from the moment you enter the door.

    Comfortable and safe for the kids to run and play (benefit),
    yet elegant and stylish for any formal dinner (benefit).

    Kick off your and relax in the spacious lounge (benefit), and take in the beautiful view of the evergreen golf course not far in the distance (benefit), while enjoying your favourite drink.
    Or just,
    lie down and relax in the shade of one of the big trees in the magical garden (benefit),
    that overflows with color and the sweet smells of flowers.

    With 4 bedroom, the kids have enough space
    for all their clothes, toys and instruments so
    Mom don't have to pick up stuff all around the house (benefit).
    And 4 bathroom ensure the morning school rush
    is something of the past...
    no more queuing for the bathroom.......(benefit)"

    and so on.

    Get the picture? This rewrite (although I have not seen the house), is loaded with BENEFITS and not just features.

    I did not spend much time on it, and it can be vastly improved on, but it's important to get as many benefits down with the first draft, and then build on that.

    But there is another trick to it...benefits alone will not guarantee sales.

    In my next post I'll show you how to extract even more benefits from every feature, and even benefits of benefits,
    by using a nifty trick called "SWAT", and how to apply that in your marketing campaign.

    Please let me know if you found this helpful and again, just ask if you need any clarification or if you have any questions.

    Kind regards
    George "
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