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    Default Investment County Investment Certificates - Real Estate Collateral - hard money?

    Does anyone know where to get hard money for County Investment certificates that are backed by Real Estate? With a LTV ratio of less than 30%, this should be an easy sell for a lender willing to think "outside the box"

    I already have a sizable 6-figure portfolio, but looking to leverage it out further. The investment certificates pay 6-15% annually, are guranteed to be paid back with state mandated interest rates ....and if not, I get the property in foreclosure. The vast majority of my certificates are simply redeemed and I get the interest....but that is a pretty good rate of return to have guaranteed by real estate that is worth over 3 times the capital risk.

    This obviously is not the typical loan,.....does anyone know of banks or hard money lenders who consider these sorts of investments?

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    Default Re: Investment County Investment Certificates - Real Estate Collateral - hard money?

    The best option I know is to look online for different lenders, and keep calling up different ones, until you find one. It's not always as easy as it seems, but with some work, you'll get there.
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