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    Default Closing Gift? Or Not?

    Is there still some Real Estate Agent that doesn't do Closing Gift?

    I saw the other days some agents arguing that there is no need to do closing gifts.

    What do you believe? Useful or not?

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    Default Re: Closing Gift? Or Not?

    It is useful only if you want repeat and referral business from your client. If you just turn and burn through clients - like at a new construction site then probably not - but if you want to build a relationship with them and stay if front of them for years to come then absolutely.
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    Default Re: Closing Gift? Or Not?

    You don't need to give a closing gift, if it was required then it wouldn't be a gift.

    However, as prior posters have mentioned it is a tool to continue to build your relationship. If you want to be a long term successful agent it is something you should do.

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    Default Re: Closing Gift? Or Not?

    I think it is pretty cool when clients give US gifts. One gave me a bottle of Caymus in a wooden case containing an opener, stopper, pourer, wine bottle ring and a thermometer.

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    Default Re: Closing Gift? Or Not?

    It seems to me that a closing gift is always a good idea, especially since it ISN'T required. You could get something as cheap as an inexpensive plant, but it sends a larger message, and helps with referrals and return business.
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    Default Re: Closing Gift? Or Not?

    This is something that has pretty much gone the way of the buffalo. I personally keep a collection of wines that I like just to have readily available gifts to give to people. (Or some very nice cigars if I know you are into that sort of thing.)

    This should go without question. You ALWAYS give a gift for a closing.
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    Default Re: Closing Gift? Or Not?

    I am a firm believer in the closing gift. It definitely sets you apart and keeps you in the clients mind. That could be the first thing they mention to a friend who is asking advice on a realtor to choose.

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    Default Re: Closing Gift? Or Not?

    I have come across a great company that sells Personalized Last Name signs for your clients. These are amazing handmade wood signs personalized for your clients family name and the year they established the purchase of their new home. These signs are $43 and are the most effective and money efficient marketing piece I have ever used. Your clients will hang this sign in their house, walk by the sign everyday and it will be a constant reminder of you. Here is a direct link to their website. https://www.etsy.com/shop/SignsToLiv...tion_leftnav_4

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