A mortgage is what helps give people the money to buy the home of their dreams. Second mortgages can be obtained if you already own a home. But in order for a person to easily avail a mortgage is by having a mortgage broker aide them during the process. This professional can surely provide you with the best deals and you can finally own the home that you really dreamed of having. So make sure to follow the right criteria on how to choose a mortgage broker who is trustworthy and can give you what you always wanted for a home.

Among the best brokers that you can hire especially when you're in Vancouver, BC is Chris Landry. Chris is a mortgage broker who was currently ranked as one of CMP's top brokers. His current rank in the list is in number 30 but the great thing is that it is only just his first year as a broker for the firm Verico Paragon Mortgage Group. Despite that, he was able to make his way into the list together with other great brokers and he will definitely continue in being the best. This surely is a great reputation for a new comer who really has the capacity to grow big and someday become a superstar in the industry. With that in his portfolio, a lot of clients will eventually come and seek his assistance to obtaining a mortgage loan.

The reason why Chris Landry made it on the top brokers list is because he was able to come up with a funded volume of $55,706,492 and funded deals of 138. Now that figure is something that will surely put a broker or agent on a deserving spot among the best. If you have him at your side then you surely won't be disappointed about your home loan and you'll make the best deal out of it yet.