CTAR - Charleston Trident Association of Realtors

Acquiring your feed:
Contact Real Estate Webmasters for the appropriate paperwork to obtain an IDX data feed. All applicants will need to have their Broker of Record approve of and sign off on the supplied paperwork.
Available for:
Agent with Broker Signoff
Estimated feed approval time:
5 business days after application
If no feed is available to "agents":
This feed is available to all agents with their Broker's approval. Contact Real Estate Webmasters if you are having difficulty getting this permission.
Limits / Rules:
Standard display rules for Internet Data eXchange (IDX) including, but not limited to, appropriate MLS logos and attribution, listing office mention, proper disclaimers, and copyright notices. Of note is a requirement for listing office, MLS icon, and copyright notice to be uninterrupted and at least as large as the largest type size used to display the listing details.
Official Website:
Geo-codes provided:
Mapping Available:
Multiple photos:
Approximate number of listings: