HMLS - Heartland Multiple Listing Service

Acquiring your feed:
Contact Real Estate Webmasters as we have all of the details about obtaining an IDX data feed from the Heartland MLS.
Available for:
Agent with Broker Signoff
Estimated feed approval time:
5 business days
If no feed is available to "agents":
The Heartland MLS is available to all authorized agents with their broker's approval. Contact Real Estate Webmasters if you are having difficulty obtaining this approval.
Limits / Rules:
Listing firm name, update timestamp, no more than 50 listings per query, appropriate disclaimers, brokerage branding, terms of use, and listing status code must be displayed for MLS compliance. As well, no use of the term MLS or 'Search the MLS' can be used in links, images, or the such.
Geo-codes provided:
Mapping Available:
Multiple photos: