PCBOR - Park City Board of Realtors®

Acquiring your feed:
Contact Real Estate Webmasters and we will provide all of the necessary instructions and paperwork to obtain an IDX data feed from the Park City Board of Realtors® and MLS.
Available for:
Agent with Broker Signoff
Estimated feed approval time:
5 buiness days
If no feed is available to "agents":
The Park City MLS allows all authorized agents with broker approval to operate IDX web solutions. If you cannot obtain authorization or approval, contact Real Estate Webmasters for help.
Limits / Rules:
The following must be present in every IDX in order to obtain and maintain IDX compliance: listing brokerage name, operating brokerage identification (including name, phone number, and email address), MLS attribution, proper disclosure and copyright notices. In addition, if the seller is also the listing agent or listing broker, a statement to that effect must be visible. If you have any questions about these rules and how they apply to IDX, please contact Real Estate Webmasters.
Official Website:
Geo-codes provided:
Mapping Available:
Multiple photos: