Our Work

Barbara Corcoran

New York, New York

Real Estate Webmasters are truly honoured to work with real estate mogul and Shark Tank personality, Barbara Corcoran. Barbara's website includes videos from her various TV appearances, speaking events & print media features; as well as showcases her business partners & entrepreneurs. We helped Barbara come up with a fresh, modern look that works well on small screens and large.

Mark Z Properties

Detroit, Michigan

Mark Z is one of our long term clients and we were thrilled to help him customize LEC 2013 to fit his needs, which included video testimonials from his buyers and sellers and an interactive live chat to answer questions. Mark promises to buy your home himself if it doesn't sell in 120 days.

Realty Austin

Austin, Texas

RealtyAustin.com is one of our more complex brokerage projects. Jonathan & his crew needed not only the high end design, search engine spiderable IDX, blogs etc - they also had need of a very complex integration of our backend & Sales Force corporate CRM system. We have also put together a high level package for all Realty Austin agents allowing them access to websites that retail for thousands at a cost of only a few hundred dollars to the agents due to their membership with Realty Austin.


Houston, Texas

Tamborrel Properties is a real estate agency based in The Woodlands, Texas working in the whole Greater Houston area. As an ever-growing agency, Tamborrel needed a website in accordance to its needs and position in the Houston real estate market. Working alongside the marketing and content team the result was Tamborrel.com, a website which offers the best information about Houston and its neighborhoods and communities and a unparalleled user experience in terms of home search, account and personalization.

Madden Real Estate

Fairbanks, Alaska

Alaskan real estate is different from real estate in most other states. Where else are helicopter pads and float plane docks the norm rather than the exception? This unique state needed a unique site. One of the many draws to Alaska is the beautiful wildlife and landscapes; we decided to build on this by using a large wildlife image as the header and background. This site is chock-full of customizations such as the rotating calls to action, email notification sign up, and even a video blog.

Dwell Real Estate

Sarasota, Florida

Since he started working with us in 2004, Marc has always been on the leading edge of our portfolio. It's because he brings great ideas to the table, yes -- but it's also because he's never balked at investing aggressively in his greatest marketing tool.

We've done a lot of SEO for him, and designed several custom sites. His latest site is often imitated, and we're not surprised; it's a very classy, clean example of how real estate information should be presented.

Hartanov Team

San Clemente, California

Drew and his team are what every Realtor looking to run a successful website should aspire to be - recognizing the necessity for constant development and upgrades to technology in order to stay ahead of the curve, combined with a drive and willingness to invest hundreds of hours personally each year to provide the most up to date content, access to available inventory, blogging, social networking and providing "local" insight that excites consumers and increases visitor retention dramatically.

Golden Bear Realty, LLC

North Palm Beach, Florida

Golden Bear Realty specializes in Palm Beach County and the surrounding region. Obviously, one of the major selling points for homes in this area is the amazing view. This is why we opted for a landscape, ocean photo that stretches across the screen for added impact. The colours are soft and reminiscent of warm, sandy beaches. Can't you just feel the sand between your toes?

Buy Sarasota

Sarasota, Florida

John has been a fantastic customer for Real Estate Webmasters. He came to us wanting more out of a custom site (he had one developed previously by another vendor) - we are pleased to say we were more than up to the challenge. John had us custom design his site, do some SEO work for him, and we are still to this day constantly tweaking his custom design, adding new features etc - a true partnership between developer and customer.

Preview Naples

Naples, Florida

Mel was looking for a site that would grab the viewer's attention from the very first glance. He also wanted to showcase the latest in IDX technology while maintaining beauty and simplicity. Working in conjunction with the design team, our programming team created a Google Map search that fits seamlessly with the beautiful design of the site.

Mel's site is a great example of how a lot of important information can be organized into one area. His communities page was easily handled by the snippet function of our custom CMS. The end result was a web site with extraordinary functionality and a simple grace.