Realty Austin

Austin, Texas is one of our more complex brokerage projects. Jonathan & his crew needed not only the high end design, search engine spiderable IDX, blogs etc - they also had need of a very complex integration of our backend & Sales Force corporate CRM system. Hint, our LEC2015 is heavily influenced by this state-of-the-art real estate powerhouse website.


After extensive research we hired REW to build the fourth generation of what was already a very profitable lead generating website, supporting our team of 45 agents with a steady stream of new leads. Having already gone down this path three times since 2003, our challenge to REW was to not only create a better looking website, but also to make it more SEO friendly while not disrupting our daily average of 25 new leads. We also challenged REW to create an instant, bi-directional sync with our CRM system,

REW not only delivered on these goals, but vastly exceeded our expectations. Since we launched the new website nearly two months ago we've seen some incredible results:

  • Average leads per day has almost doubled to 49
  • We've been able to reduce my PPC budget by two thirds
  • Our average cost per lead has gone from $10 to $2.50
  • Our organic search traffic has grown by 126%
  • The average time users spend on our site has gone up 49%
  • The average pages per visit has gone up 62%

Our agents are able to engage with new leads in real time since they appear in our CRM system immediately after registering on our site. Once engaged, our agents are able to have a meaningful conversation by using the REW tools to see exactly what brought them to our site and what properties interest them.

Because of the increase in leads and stronger online presence we've been able to grow our team from 45 agents to 60 agents in the last 2 months. Great, experienced agents are literally coming to us wanting to work for our company.

Throughout the development process, our REW team listened carefully to our wants and needs, often suggesting improvements to our ideas that made the site even better than we thought possible. They hire very experienced developers who take pride in the quality of their work.

If you are concerned about the expense involved in building a custom REW website, you should stop worrying and look at the potential income you can generate. Based on our historical close rate and the rate we are generating new leads, we are forecasting an 8-10x ROI on our website in the first year of operation alone.

Jonathan Boatwright , Realty Austin

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