Frequently Asked Questions

We created this FAQ to help our customers find answers to their questions. We have tried to cover the most common questions, but if you have a specific question not answered in this section, please feel free to call toll free at 1 (877) 753-9893.


Customer Support at Real Estate Webmasters

Q: How do I get the fastest answers to my questions about my new website, IDX or other technology?

A: By far the fastest way to get an answer to a support question is to call our support department toll free at: 1 (877) 753-9893, or via email at

Q: Does your CSR department have an email address?

A: Yes, to email our CSR department, please use

Q: Person's name in the testimonials box (on the bottom left corner of my site), is being cut off because the name's too long. How do I fix this?

A: Add a <br /> tag where the name starts getting cut off, and it will bring it down to the next line.

Q: Why is my /idx/map/ page displaying my entire region?

A: The /idx/map/ page will use the same default IDX criteria as the /idx/ page, set in the backend of the site at /backend/idx/ (Search Defaults). The map will zoom to the lowest level possible but still display all possible listings that match the default search criteria. The map does not have a separate search criteria and the default map positioning/zoom level on the IDX search defaults will not be reflected on the /idx/map/ page unless the "search in bounds" option is set for a search default, which is not recommended in general. If there are any listings that have been geocoded far outside the region of the feed, the map may display entire continents or possibly the whole world map. If this happens, we can set a bounding polygon for the feed to exclude any listings outside the acceptable region.

Q: How do I embed a YouTube video on a page?

A: When you are looking at the YouTube page - you should see some code in the top right side, URL and Embed. You should be able to take that "Embed" code - and then place that into a snippet - then place the snippet on a page and link to it.

Q: How often is my site backed up?

A: There are two weeks of backups. Backups run at midnight every day (Texas time). You can also get a backup of all the content that lives in your database (default info, pages, snippets) by going to CMS -> Tools -> Backup CMS Data. You can also download all your lead info by going to Leads -> Tools -> Export Leads to CSV.

Q: If something is deleted how can we access that information?

A: Always email support to start the process. We'll start the restore process when we get your request. If the information went missing due to an actual bug in the software, then we'll just restore it. If the information went missing due to user error - as in someone clicked on a "Delete this" when they didn't mean to - then you'll need to also contact Sales (either your sales rep or to initiate a short work order to get the data restored. How much time it takes will always depend on what kind of data needs to be restored. This process can take anywhere from 1 to 4 hours once the request is approved, but those times aren't fixed. Actual time will depend on the complexity of the information being requested.

Q: Where is the Google cache of my site?

A: Go to and type in “cache:URL” (where URL is the URL of the cached page) and click search (e.g. cache: Note: you may use Google’s cache to retrieve any content that was unintentionally edited or removed.

Q: Why shouldn't I use a Hotmail account to send email to customers?

A: There are a few good reasons to not use a Hotmail address for sending mail from the Lead Management System. Most mail servers will know what servers are allowed to send Hotmail mail. Since we aren't on that list your mail has a much higher chance of getting flagged as spam. This also lowers the reputation of our server and causes all mail from it to be more "suspicious" to spam filters. The best thing to do is to use an email account at your domain. This also makes your agent look more professional and helps keep your brand name and website name in clients minds. It is best if the agent checks their mail at this address (via Outlook or webmail) but we can also set up a forward if they would prefer. If you are getting some of your mail forwarded. The problem is probably with the spam filters on the receiving end. Hotmail has a particularly nasty spam filter that will just drop messages it doesn't like. We have had the best luck with Gmail and ISP based accounts.

Q: Why is Webmaster Tools reporting “Google Can't Access Your Site”?

A: Google may report from time to time that Googlebot is unable to access your site while conducting a crawl. At this time, we do not have a definitive answer as to why Google is reporting the number of errors found (the percentage is usually quite small). Our DNS servers are in geographically disparate areas to prevent connectivity issues in the event that a DNS goes offline. It may be that Googlebot is trying only one DNS server. However, our Systems Administrator is monitoring this issue and conducting an investigation in to the exact cause. If you receive this error yourself, please submit your webmaster tools report to

Q: How do I upload a PDF?

A: 1. Go to the backend. 2. Click the CMS tab. 3. Select File Manager from the Tools menu 4. Click the Browse... button and find the file on your computer 5. Click the Open button. 6. Click the Post File button. 7. On the page where you want the download link, type the words you want to appear as the link. 8. Select the words you just typed. 9. Click the link icon on the text editor toolbar (it looks like a chain link) 10. Select your uploaded file from the Link list menu in the pop-up window. 11. Click the Insert button. 12. Click Save Page to save your changes.

If you want to embed it so the PDF page shows up, add it via the HTML Source Editor by using the embed code similar to below and the file name of the PDF that is in your file manager. Change the width and height to be what you need to show up correctly on the page where you embed the file, ie:

<embed width="620" height="800" src="/files/1/example.pdf"></embed>

Q: Which emails are not accessible in the backend?

A: There are 6 emails that are hard-coded (not accessible to you). They are:

    • The Auto Search email that notifies the client that an auto-search has been set up.
    • The Send to Friend email used when a client sends a listing to a friend.
    • The Inquire email that gets sent to you when a client inquires about a listing.
    • The New User email that gets sent to you when a client registers.
    • The Remind email that gets sent to a client who has forgotten their password.
    • The Saved Searches email.

Q: Why did my client receive multiple verify my e-mail address notifications?

A: When a lead registers, the verification e-mail is sent out once. Many people double or triple click the resend verification email link, causing multiple emails to be sent. Sometimes a lead's E-Mail Client can filter out certain messages into a Spam or Junk Folder, depending on their E-mail Filter Settings. Potentially these verification e-mails filtered into a folder and the lead is not seeing the e-mails being sent, causing them to try to "re-send the e-mail" through the front end.

Q: Why do I receive an error when trying to upload a high resolution image in the iBrowser?

A: The high resolution of the image and the way the system tries to create thumbnails for that image may be the problem. Yes, your image may compress well and have a fairly small file-size, but our uploader actually has a limit to the amount of mega-pixels (Mpx) that the image can be (in order to manipulate and create thumbnails, etc.) As images are generally meant for website display, the current system doesn't handle images much larger than 2 Mpx or roughly 1632x1224 pixels. (however, depending on your image, the dimensions may vary)
Our suggestion would be that you could use a tool like to resize the image to something workable.

Q: Will my site's rankings be affected when my site goes live?

A: Your site will return a "503 Service Unavailable" (meaning: "site is temporarily down and will be back shortly") return code while it is "down". In general, we currently follow best practice guidelines for such things, as described in posts such as this (one of many):

On a more technical note:

We return the following headers while the site is "down":

HTTP/1.1 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable
Status: 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable
Retry-After: 7200

The Retry-After tells any bots that try to visit the site to not try again for 2 hours, which is usually the maximum time this takes.

So, definitive answer: no, the site being down won't affect your rankings. It's a standard "site is temporarily down" message that will look a lot like this: with the "{error}" bit replaced by client-friendly appropriate text. So even clients will know that the site is only temporarily available, and will still be able to contact you directly if it's urgent.