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Welcome to the LEC 2015

REW Max posted this

Welcome to the LEC 2015! Blake from the support team walks us through some of the key features of the amazing new REW LEC website!

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New Barbara Modules

REW Colin posted this

With our new Guaranteed Sold template for the Barbara sites we have added many new features. These features add a lot of personality to the site, as you are able to choose how they are being displayed. This tutorial is split into 2 different sections, as there are 2 major features that we have added with many smaller features. These 2 main features are the "Guaranteed Sold Page Template" and the "Radio Landing Page. With that being said, get ready for some knowledge! Quick Navigation Gua...

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REW Backend 101

Using Groups Through The Backend

REW Alex M posted this

You can add groups to your site through the backend under Leads > Groups   "Groups" provide a way to organize your leads into specific types of leads such as "Registered IDX Users" or "Buyers".   Managing Groups Adding a Group Editing Groups Deleting Groups Emailing a Group Adding Leads to a Group   1. Managing Groups To manage your groups, click the "Leads" tab from the top of the backend, then the "Groups" link in the sub-menu. Her...

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REW Backend 101


REW Alex M posted this

The dashboard gives an overview of the lead activity that has occurred in the site for the past two weeks, along with additional statistical information depending on whether you are viewing as an administrator, or as an agent. Admin View Agent View Lead Activity Graph Most Viewed Listings (Admin Only) Top Lead Sources (Admin Only) Response Rate (Agent Only) Total Leads (Agent Only) 1. Admin View As an admin, you will see the lead activity graph, statistics towards the m...

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REW Backend 101

Adding Agents Through The Backend

REW Alex M posted this

This tutorial will be touching on the subject of creating Agents within your REW Backend as well as editing, and deleting them. Lets start by logging into the backend of your site! Section 1 - Creating An Agent                - Agent Information                 - Phone Numbers                 - Agent Bio and Email Signature       &...

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REW Backend 101

Accessing The Backend Of Your Website

REW Alex M posted this

Accessing the backend of your website The REW Backend system for your site contains the Content Management System (CMS), and Lead Management (CRM) that let you perform a number of tasks related to your website, such as updating your website's content, managing leads and listings, and organizing mailing and marketing campaigns.Your backend can be found by adding /backend/ to the end of your domain name:http://www. YOURDOMAIN .com/backend/ Logging into the CMS Getting your login info ...

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