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Intrusive Interstitials: How will Google's New Update Affect Me?

REW Michael C posted this

A few months ago, we here in the SEO department started talking about the announced interstitial update from Google, in particular that pages with intrusive interstitials will be devalued in mobile SERPs. Note, this update does not apply to traffic from sources other than Google’s mobile search. This change is on a page-by-page basis only, so the devaluation of one page in the mobile search results will not impact your other pages, or your website as a whole. So what is an intrusive...

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Digital Marketing

Using Video For Your Business

REW Max posted this

Max from our corporate marketing team takes you through some of the reasons you should be using video for your business, and some tips for creating effective videos!

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REW Web Tips

Picking The Perfect Domain Name

REW Max posted this

Are you on the hunt for the best domain name ever? Jacob from our corporate marketing team takes you through some of the basics so you can stay on the right path through your domain name journey.

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REW Web Tips

What Is "Remarketing"?

REW Max posted this

What Is "Remarketing"? Jacob from our corporate marketing team takes you through the basics of remarketing and why you NEED to be using it!

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SEO 301

Advanced SEO Meta Tags: Canonical, Noindex, Nofollow & Robots.txt

REW Melissa posted this

Every week, we get questions about which meta tags a site should be using to achieve X result. In many cases, people are trying to accomplish relatively simple tasks with overly complicated methods. When it comes to SEO, the best message you can send to search engines is the simplest one. Here's a simple breakdown of the intended purpose of each tag, including examples of when and how they should be used. rel="canonical" Possibly the most misunderstood of meta tags, rel="canonical" see...

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Third Parties 301

Connect Your Site With Google Analytics

REW Travis L posted this

Update: Google recently made some changes on their end, and as a result the method we use to connect to their API has been updated. The tutorial below reflects the new process. Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google that shows you how users have found your site and how they have explored it. This service tracks visitors and has the ability to keep track of marketing campaigns. The tutorials below will go over setting this up: Google Analytics Tracking ID Google OAuth ...

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