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Welcome to the LEC 2015

REW Max posted this

Welcome to the LEC 2015! Blake from the support team walks us through some of the key features of the amazing new REW LEC website!

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SEO 101

How to Handle Navigation: Mega Menus, Primary & Side Navigations

REW Melissa posted this

We're going to sum up a lot of research right now: the best navigation for your website is the one that makes the most sense. That's it. REW websites come with two default navigation options: a primary navigation and a side navigation. For many of our newest sites, the primary navigation takes the form of a mega menu. Our other sites tend to utilize a drop down menu for the primary navigation. Regardless of which option your site has, the same principles are going to apply: Primary Nav...

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SEO 101

Information Architecture For SEO: Creating SEO-Friendly Sites

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A well-planned, clear site architecture can offer numerous benefits for both users and search engines, which in turn can benefit your website in the long run. A strong information architecture should be the foundation from which you build out your website, and if you design your site right, your information architecture should never be in conflict with your SEO goals. Why A Clear Site Architecture Is Important The way a site is structured affects multiple aspects of your website: usabi...

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