Add-ons / Enhancements for your REW Site

We build our websites to be completely functional in their basic, stripped-down state. However, we prefer to see them upgraded to fit the needs of our clients, so we've taken all of the most popular requests and useful ideas, and developed them into modules and add-ons at fixed prices. See below for a list of our upgrade categories.

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New Tools!

Take a look at our most recent creations to help you generate more leads and stay organized. Contact your product consultant, or email us, today to learn more about how you can get these added.

Must-have Items

Before you start looking at our really advanced features, it's important that you check out our "must-haves" section. These are items that we feel every REW customer should have on their website.
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Custom IDX Enhancements

If you are using REW's built-in IDX technology, check out the many cool add-ons and ideas in this section. New Google API technologies and functions, search types, and advanced searches are just a few of your options. Go to IDX enhancements page...

Modules for your CMS

We have a lot of modules that tie directly into your REW CMS to provide useful functionality and classy styles.
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Content Enhancements

Many of our customers learn as much as they can about search engine optimization and then try to implement the best strategy possible. Our writing team will edit your pages to ensure that you have properly optimized content, as well as provide the following services: professional editing, creation of new content, formatting for maximum conversion, and much more.
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Design Enhancements

Make your pages more professional looking with properly styled elements like navigation dropdowns, graphical calls-to-action, and nice-looking "tables" for large lists of links.
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REW Blogs and Modules

Our blog platform is setup for seo-friendliness and function. It's tied into your CMS backend and is "multi-user", meaning that everyone in your office can contribute to the effort.
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LEC Specific Upgrades & Modules

If you have one of our "Limited Edition Custom" websites, you can now benefit from our LEC upgrades and modules. Interested in having a stats module for your LEC? Maybe a custom snippet to show off your LEC community pages or area pages? These custom developed upgrades will make your LEC shine that much brighter.
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Many websites have pre-existing custom features that affect our ability to install our upgrade products. In such cases, there is additional custom work required, and it is billable. For a more targeted estimate, please make a request in our Work Orders Forum.