REW CMS Modules

These add-ons work with your site's backend to enhance users' experience and to give your site additional features.

Agent Subdomains

agent subdomains

Brokerages love this option — it provides their agents with inexpensive, professional websites with fully searchable, built-in IDX. The agents' sites have their own distinct content and backend (CMS and CRM), but are supported as subdomains of the parent site, benefiting from its local authority and sharing most of its design.

The agents' "sites" look similar to the brokerage's site, but with differences in the branding space especially. In most cases, the agent must upload an image that is used in the upper portion of their subdomain's design. (More information here.)

Rate*: $10/subdomain/month
*This rate only applies for sites installed after early 2010. Some conditions apply.

Control Panel

control panel

The Control Panel is designed to simplify communications with your members and leads, and to provide an enhanced user experience for visitors using your site. This upgrade allows leads to keep their contact information current, includes an internal messaging system (no outside e-mail communication required), as well as auto-generated Saved Searches. Yes, leads now receive Saved Search updates based on their browsing history, thereby saving you time, and ensuring that they don't miss out on that special home.
Fixed Cost: $500 -

Agent Roster Module

agent-roster agent-roster

The Agent Roster module is designed with a team or Brokerage in mind, and allows you to display all team members or Agents on a single page once installed. Each Agent can display a photo, a personal bio and her/his listings. Configuration of the module is quick and painless and each Agent's listings are dynamically maintained, meaning no maintenance required.
Fixed Cost: $500 -

301 Redirect Tool


Are you switching to a REW site or need to perform some custom redirects? The 301 Redirect tool helps you take care of this whenever you like through the CMS — without our help. Once installed, you simply define the redirect, and you're done. Oh, and you can use it as many times as you like – we promise.
Fixed Cost: $300 -

Testimonials Module


Included with LEC's, available for other sites for $300
This module streamlines the process of posting/updating a testimonials list, while ensuring the testimonials appear professionally on the website.

It's easy: The admin gathers testimonials from clients and pastes them into a page into the backend, with the authors' names. Then a random testimonial shows on the home page*, with a link to a page that shows all testimonials.

*The home page CTA does not appear on the Premium Templates 1 and 3, or on LEC2008; on the LEC2011, the CTA doesn't link to the testimonials page.

The admin can add or remove testimonials at any time in the backend.
Fixed Cost for non-LEC's: $300

Business Directory

business directory

The business directory is setup as a new section of your website (/directory). Businesses and organizations can submit content-rich listings with logos and images, and of course lengthy text descriptions. As the admin, you will login to your backend and manage the categories, approve or edit listings, see all of the submitters' contact info, and more. More information here.
Fixed Cost: $500 -

Inside Sales Associate Integration

This is a module that makes it easy to use an "Inside Sales Associate" for your business. New features will appear in your lead manager (CRM) system:

  • The Super Admin can create ISA accounts. An ISA can log into the Lead Manager to view & manage all Leads.
  • An ISA can View & Email Agents - as well as Add, Edit and Assign Leads.
  • An ISA can track Calls, Emails and Notes. As well as Saved Listings and Saved Searches.
  • They can also view Calls, Emails and Notes added by Agents and Lenders.
Fixed Cost: $500 -
Available for platform 4.3+ only

Lender Integration

Do you team up with any mortgage lenders? With this add-on, your lender partners can use your lead management system in a limited, appropriate fashion:

  • The Super Admin can create Lender accounts. Lenders can log into the Lead Manager to view Leads assigned to them.
  • Lenders can track Calls, Emails, and Notes.They can also view Calls, Emails, and (Shared) Notes added by the Lead's assigned Agent.
  • A lender can view a Lead's activity on the website: Visits, Recommended/Saved/Recent Listings and Saved/Recent Searches.
  • Lenders can be managed from the backend by the Super Admin. Lender Auto-Assignment can be turned on to assign new leads evenly though-out lenders who have auto-assign enabled.
Fixed Cost: $500 -
Available for platform 4.3+ only

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