REW IDX Enhancements

These are modules with fixed prices, designed to enhance the features of your IDX. For more information about any of these add-ons, please contact our sales department.

quick search module

Quick Search allows your visitors to access available inventory from virtually every page of your website. This feature is extremely beneficial to users, and will help with website stickiness and conversion. Standard Quick Search goes in the navigation (above the side-navigation) and contains sections for City, Beds, Baths, and Minimum and Maximum price.

Fixed Cost: $300 USD -
Click here to see an example of Quick Search...

quick search module

The Featured Listings Module allows you to query listings directly from the IDX, and place them in rotation on all main pages of your website. Enter MLS numbers into the tool, and each time the page is refreshed or your visitor visits another page, the system will rotate through the listings randomly. This module is skinned to match your Template or Custom site (see "loaded demo" links on our template samples).

Fixed Cost: $300 USD

Advanced XML / IDX Sitemap

quick search module

Ensure that your most important areas are spiderable, and precious indexed pages are not wasted on areas you do not wish to service. Explanation: Search engines won't usually index all of the pages in your IDX. Because of this, a filtered IDX sitemap is useful for highlighting listings from your preferred cities only.

Fixed Cost: $500 USD (Especially Recommended for high authority REW sites)

Google Street View

quick search module

Impress your visitors by showcasing actual street-level views of neighborhoods surrounding a property.

Fixed Cost: $500 USD – Click here to see an example of Google Street View...

Google Directions

quick search module

A very cool tool for helping your buyers find their way from point A (the property) to point B.

Fixed Cost: $300 USD Click here to see an example of Google Directions...

Microsoft Bird's Eye View

quick search module

We love Google and the mapping technology they provide, but as great as they are, there are other platforms that offer goodies not yet available through Google Mapping such as Microsoft's "birds eye view" – Very cool!

Fixed Cost: $300 USD Click here to see an example of Microsoft Bird's Eye View...

Community Stats Module

quick search module

The stats module adds a lot of class and usefulness to your community pages. It's skinned to match your colours, it lets you enter community-specific content and images, and it also creates calls to action for directing your visitors. Perhaps best of all, it also ties into your IDX, so that the following stats are auto-populated onto the page:

  • Total number of listings in that community
  • Average price
  • Highest listing price
  • Lowest listing price
    (you can even edit the names of these categories - for instance, "Average Price in Phoenix")

This module has an easy-to-use CMS interface: simply fill in the fields, upload your images and create a snippet for your page. Did we mention you can use this tool as many times as you like on the site? You can. You should create one for each city in your IDX!

Fixed Cost: $500 - Click here for a screenshot of the Community Stats Module...

Listing Flyer (formerly the "Craigslist Tool")

This tool makes it incredibly quick and easy to post your property listings into third party sites, with backlinks to your site. There's even an option to upload a custom header for the listings, with your own logo/photo in it, for example.

You can pull listings into the tool directly from the IDX, or from your REW site's listings manager (manually uploaded listings). See the tool's FAQ for more info about the functionality.

Fixed Cost: $300 USD Click here to see the front- and back-end of the Listing Flyer tool...

Price/Status Change History

Display a property's history directly on the listing details page. Property history includes price reductions, increases, and status changes. This information can be turned off/on in your REW backend.

Available for platform 4.3+ only
Availability depends on your MLS board's rules
Fixed Cost: $500 USD
Click here to see an example of the Price Change History module.

IDX Meta Information

Customize your listing detail pages to use any formula for page title, meta description and keywords. You simply use tags to be replaced with the actual listing data. You can set the formulas for the main details page, and also for the separate Google Map/Directions page!

This tool will be found in your REW Backend under "IDX > Meta Information".

Available for platform 4.3+ only
Fixed Cost: $500 USD Click here to see the IDX Meta Information tool...

Already know what you need? Please contact your sales rep to place an order, or post your request in the Work Orders Forum.