Must-haves — The REW Platforms

REW's CORE integrated IDX (2.0, 3.0)

Our IDX product is the ultimate in integrated, customizable, and search engine friendly IDX solutions. Our snippet technology allows you to embed and combine IDX listings data with your search engine optimized content to provide maximum targeting and significant long tail opportunity. In other words, you can put self-updating lists of relevant (pre-searched) properties into your content — Smithville condo listings on the Smithville condos page!

If you don't have at least CORE IDX 2.0 (which is just the starting point for REW high-end IDX customization) you should not be considering very much else on this list of upgrades.

Estimate: $999 USD, hosting $480 USD per year

REW CMS (Content- and Lead-Management System)

All of our websites come with the CMS, though there are different versions. Each CMS version represents a new generation in a very important evolution of our platform, so we always recommend that you keep yours up to date, so that you're on the latest platform. It'll mean your site is easier (cheaper) to customize or to update further, and the latest add-ons will be available to you.

Most of our community is currently using version 2.5 of our CMS, but they do not need to upgrade to CMS 3.0 unless they want to install our brand new integrated IDX 3.0.

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