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Fully Compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Real Estate Webmasters (ADA) are experts in ADA compliance for Realtor websites.

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Accessibility Is Law

In the United States, the American With Disabilities Act or ADA and in Canada the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act or AODA are laws in place to ensure fair and equal access to all citizens when it comes to things like banking, government services, education, and yes online real estate information.

If your website does not attempt to be ADA or AODA compliant, you may also be committing a fair housing violation which is a very serious offense and can hard your reputation if found guilty.

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Accessible Is Good For Your Brand

When you take that important step towards accessibility you signal to the marketplace that you are truly a leader in your community. 

You can also leverage your status as an accessible company in marketing campaigns, to build relationships with businesses that also support ADA and to show agents you care about your consumers in your recruiting campaigns.

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REW Leads In Accessibility

At Real Estate Webmasters we take accessibility very seriously. We have hired the leading accessibility experts to audit our frameworks and our designer's team is trained specifically in WCGAG 2.1 and ADA compliance.

It is very important to us to offer the most accessible real estate website in the marketplace and be able to offer audit and remediation services to our valued clients. 

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Widgets Are Not Accessible

Many companies sell accessible "widgets" that you can place on your website. They claim that these widgets somehow many your website WCAG 2.1 or ADA compliant. This is not true.

Generally what those widgets do is attempt to emulate assistive technologies (AT) that those with disabilities might use. The problem is, your disabled visitors already have their own AT solutions and that is not what they need. They need your code and your content to be constructed in a way that when their readers encounter it, they can make sense of what is being shared. 

When a screen reader reads "mandatory field 1" you can be pretty sure that is not going to help that customer know what they are supposed to enter.

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ADA and Fair Housing Compliance In Real Estate

ada accessibility
ADA & Fair Housing Compliance Recently some of our clients in Florida have reported receiving letters from lawyers threatening legal action against them due to fair housing violations. These letters generally are claiming that the client’s real estate website is not …
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Today is a HUGE day for us here at Real Estate Webmasters Inc

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Morgan photo Morgan, REW CEO

Do real estate websites have to be ADA compliant?

One of our awesome customers in New Mexico was asking this question today and the short answer is “yes” they absolutely do have to be compliant.

But the challenge is still there are no clear guidelines (other than the...

Morgan photo Morgan, REW CEO

Beware Of Accessibility Widgets, They Are Not Accessible

As many of you know, this year REW decided to take on the challenge of accessibility and hired one of the foremost experts on the subject Kris Rivenburgh, who is the Chief Legal Officer and Chief Accessibility Officer...

Morgan photo Morgan, REW CEO

What is a ADA violation? Accessibility Advice For Realtors®

One of the main questions we get when people hear from lawyers on Accessibility is: What is a ADA violation?

What they mean by this, is any violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act that would make it difficult...

Morgan photo Morgan, REW CEO
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