AI For Real Estate

Artificial Intelligence For Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Webmasters has created a brilliant AI Robot named "REWpert". Using best in class OpenAI technology, REWpert is partnered with our website and search marketing teams to enable our customers to provide amazing content.

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Powerful AI Uses For Real Estate Marketing

Write Amazing Area Pages
Generate FAQ Ideas
Area Research
Blogging Ideas

Using AI For Real Estate Marketing

“AI or Artificial Intelligence is the new thing right now. It's exciting, it's cool, and it promises to make real estate marketing so much easier. I dig it! Realtors® should learn how to best use AI before diving in. Once you know how artificial intelligence works, you're going love the time it saves you and the power it brings!"
Morgan Carey | CEO (and AI Consultant)
Morgan Carey
AI Content Generators For Every Type of Content

AI REWpert
How REWpert Can Help Build Every Content Type In the fast-paced world of property buying and selling, content is king - it's how you connect with potential clients, showcase properties, and establish your expertise. But let's face it, content creation can be …
Transforming Real Estate Images with AI

Using AI for Image Optimization Real estate professionals have begun turning to advanced techniques to stand out in the increasingly competitive online space. One such technique is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), an indispensable facet of digital marketing used for …
Perfecting AI-Written Content in Real Estate

AI SEO SEO for Real Estate Real Estate SEO Real Estate SEO Services
Emphasize Authenticity Artificial Intelligence is making a massive impact in every industry, and real estate is no exception. But like every tool, AI has its limitations and strengths - it offers efficiency and accuracy, but often lacks the relatability and personal …

Global MLS + AI = IDX Worldwide Real Estate Webmasters Multiple Listings Solution

Today is a big day for Real Estate Webmasters:

The Global MLS project we have been working on is featured on the Cover of Real Estate Magazine

This project is...

ai idx mls
Morgan photo Morgan, REW CEO

New Real Estate SEO's getting started on Global MLS

Had a great meeting with the real estate SEO team yesterday and got to meet two brand-new team members!

Wes and Marcello (pronounced Wes and Mar-Chell-Oh)

We discussed many things, but most importantly pillar page...

seo ai
Morgan photo Morgan, REW CEO

Presentation on Human Assisted AI - Morgan Carey, CEO Real Estate Webmasters Inc

Hey everyone, here is my presentation on Human Assisted AI from last week in Florida.

Any questions, let me know :slight_smile:

Morgan photo Morgan, REW CEO

Overwhelmed by writing content?

As exciting as a new website can be, I get that creating content can be overwhelming.

Good news. REW has got you covered!

For the entire month of March, all new websites purchased will come with our Human-Assisted AI...

ai real estate websites content
AmyPye photo AmyPye,

Using ChatGPT to out-SEO the competition

A nifty little feature of ChatGPT is that it can read URLs.

So I decided to see how useful this would be for competitor SEO research.

I decided to use the search term “famous cruise ships”. This was the top organic...

ai artificial intelligence
AidanC photo AidanC,

Everything has AI in it! Funny Keyword Research From Google Console

As if researching and doing SEO around AI isn’t hard enough :slight_smile:

Check out the screenshot below…

As it turns out, “AI” is in everything. (apparently)

The word “campaign” has AI in it.

If you’re fortunate to live “Hawaii”?...

ai artificial intelligence
Morgan photo Morgan, REW CEO

AI Generated Content Is Spam According To Google's John Mueller

Before you get all excited about ChatGPT and using it to quickly, cheaply, and easily creating your real estate website content (if you’re hoping to EVER rank for SEO) you need to read this quote from Google’s John...

ai artificial intelligence
Morgan photo Morgan, REW CEO

What exactly IS ChatGPT and how can we use it for real estate marketing?

Everyone is talking about ChatGPT. But what it is?

Instead of writing my own description, I thought I’d show you an example:

I went to Chat GPT and posted this prompt:

Morgan photo Morgan, REW CEO

ChatGPT AI Engine - how are you using it for real estate?

For those of you already exploring the use of ChatGPT, how are you using it in your real estate business?...

ai artificial intelligence
Morgan photo Morgan, REW CEO

Top 5 ways marketers are using AI

If you’re wondering about how marketers are using AI, here are the top 5 ways marketers are using artificial intelligence according to ChatGTP.

  1. Personalization: AI-powered marketing tools can analyze customer data and...

Morgan photo Morgan, REW CEO
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