1 in 5 Limited Edition customs wins their $20,000.00 website


Imagine you finally take the plunge and purchase that amazing REW custom designed website you have always been wanting and through the amazing new limited edition custom program you end up with with a custom site, built in (Extremely custom) REW IDX and custom REW Blog for less than half of what it would have cost on the normal custom development program...

Now imagine you got it for free :)

To celebrate the launch of our very first limited edition custom design, that will be the reality for 20% of purchasers.

That's right folks, you have a 1 in 5 shot of winning your purchase of the new REW limited edition custom site.

Here's how it works.

  • You purchase the REW Limited Edition Custom site (Exclusive to your market)
  • Once 5 are sold we draw from those 5 customers and refund the lucky customer who is picked.

The loot

This limited edition custom represents approximately 200 hours of custom programming and design ($20,000 at our billable rate of $100 USD per hour and not counting reproduction time). 20k is what you would have paid, if you hired us to design it for you.

Actual cost: Because of the nature of the Limited Edition Custom Program we are able to offer these killer sites for only a fraction of their normal cost - They will retail at $8000 USD Including:

  • The custom design with their logo, phone and tagline incorporated
  • Customized slideshow images
  • Fully customized (High end) IDX included (This is way above CORE)
  • Custom skinned blog to match the site
  • Featured listings module
  • Quick search module
  • Blog RSS recent posts feeds

The rules (Always them rules)

#1 - Your purchase of the limited edition custom is non refundable (Would hardly be fair to have people enter to win a free custom site, not win and then ask for a refund) so make sure you understand exactly what you are purchasing (A kick ass website) as all sales are final.

#2 - You must qualify for raw IDX data feed access via Real Estate Webmasters Vendorship (This site design is very IDX heavy as all sites should be) and thus relies on being hooked up to our IDX technology.

#3 - All other standard REW policies and pricing apply - (Platform hosting, IDX data hosting etc)

#4 - As with all REW IDX subscribers it is your responsibility to cover the cost of your IDX feed as charged to Real Estate Webmasters.

I think that's about it - when I land on the island (I am in the Vancouver Airport writing this lol)


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Hey Morgan, do we qualify for this?

Joshua Keen

I want one...

Morgan Carey

Anyone qualifiies for this Lou, however with your large brokerage type needs, you would likely end up doing a lot of mods after the limited edition was complete - especially on the backend.

Morgan Carey

Hey Josh,

Sorry I haven't responded yet on your PM, do you want one for that site you were referencing? I can certainly put you down, however we will want to define your coverage area which can be tough due to "Atlanta" covering such large area, you would know better than I - for instance "Marrietta" or "Alpharetta" (Both areas have expressed interest) are they excluded or included in coverage area. that sort of thing. Either way, let me know - perhaps we could have a quick scheduled call?

Joshua Keen

Yes...that would be the idea. Let's go ahead and do the scheduled call to chat about details. I'm thinking the coverage might present some problems as I would want to cover a large "METRO ATLANTA" market that would include several smaller niche markets. We can chat details on the call. Should I set that up with Carrie?


You must be getting an enormous response, I have tried to talk with a live person TWICE and here is the result:

  • The first time, I called after getting no response and was told everyone was in a meeting. I did receive a phone call back but the person was more interested in e-mailing me then figuring out what I wanted.
  • The second time I simply got an e-mail.

I may have a REW site one day, but until then, I'll just keep referring folks.


Hi Morgan, I very much like the idea of the limited customs but am not sure that I as a broker associate in Colorado would qualify for the REW IDX features with Metrolists restrictions.



Thanks so much for your phone call, that really cleared a lot of things up for me!

Wish I was doing well enough this year to afford to get to have a chance at the 1 in 5 contest.



Morgan Carey

Cherry Creek,

You can have the limited edition custom, not a problem there. The only issue is the metrolist IDX - as you know for Broker associates everyone must use the approved template, so we would have to make some modifications to satisfy this requirement. So everything else would be the same (Blog, quick search, featured listings etc) the only difference would be the IDX


Morgan - Do we qualify??

Morgan Carey

What do you mean Shane, you do not have a limited edition custom. You can certainly purchase one if you like, and then you would be entered into the draw for THAT site. Your current site is a full custom, not the limited edition custom product.


this is a cool idea. It's a great way to use a great product for a reasonable cost.

Morgan Carey

Curtis, this was a promotion for LEC V 1.0 and I "think" I finally sold the 5th one today in Denver (Brian if you are reading this, you better get your invoice in) - anyways, it doesn't apply to LEC 2.0 - however there was a contest for that site as well - we were giving away 1 version 2.0 LEC at the conference, and the lucky winner was Mike Taylor of Indianapolis Indiana. :)


Hi Morgan, CC Auth should be resting on your fax machine right now.

Morgan Carey

Hey this blog commenting stuff reall CAN generate business, sweet!

Thanks Brian, welcome to the wonderful world of REW IDX!


My pleasure, I look forward the many sweet SEO pleasures that an REW IDX can bring.

Morgan Carey

Hey guys,\

Quick update - we ran the draw today and the winner was Richard Copisarow of Portland Oregon - made a blog post about it here: http://www.realestatewebmasters.com/blogs/morgan-carey/6269/show/

Thanks everyone for your interest and participation - (And orders of course)

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