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Important Notice - Sales of the REW 12 Days of Christmas are now Closed - Happy Holidays and thank you to everyone that has participated.

It has been a great year here at Real Estate Webmasters thanks in large part to our great customers and members. I have been thinking about a way to give a little back as a Christmas promo and here is what I came up with.

No setup fee for REW Templates

Normally if you purchase an REW Template there is a $740 USD setup fee, and a yearly hosting fee $360 USD (Works out to $30 per month)

So here is the deal - Anyone who orders a new REW template between today - Monday, December 10th and Friday December 21st (I think that is 12 days) I am waiving the setup fee. So in essence all you are paying is $30 a month for the best looking, most search engine friendly templates in the industry.

For those of you who have been thinking about purchasing an REW Template but were a bit concerned with the setup fee, this is the time to pull the trigger. (There are more details below)

But I just purchased an REW Template and paid the setup fee

This is a promotion, and just like any sale or promo it is impossible to predict - however, I want to thank you guys as well. So here is the other side of the promo for you. As you know - Template setup is $740 USD (Which is what you paid) - To make it so you get the same $740 savings - I have authorized the front office to provide a 50% discount on billable hours (Up to a maximum of 14.8 hours) which works out (If you purchase the entire 14.8 hours) to a total discount of $740 USD the same as the REW Template fee. And just to round it out - Purchasers of custom websites in the last year can take advantage of this same discount on hours purchased between Dec 10th and Dec 21st.

There are some RULES! (Darn Rules)

Discounted hours apply only to NEW orders placed between December 10th and December 21st up to a maximum of 14.8 hours. This offering cannot be applied to pending projects or against outstanding invoices.

Templates - As with regular template purchases, our template product does not provide customization. You pick your template, color choice, tell us what you want your header text to say, give is the phone number and give us a photo for the header. You can certainly have custom modifications made to the template once it is a set up, but those modifications need to be quoted by a sales person, and are billable.

Time frames for completion:

I have no idea how many orders are going to come in from this promo - and although we have one of the largest web development staffs in Canada (30+ developers) we do of course have "some" limit to production. As such I am going to make 500 man hours available per month to complete these orders.

Orders will be entered into the project management system on a first come first serve basis and once the 500 hours are exhausted for that month, any waiting projects will have to wait until the next month to get in the queue and once again will be processed in terms of first come first serve.

IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO WAIT - You may want to get a project fast tracked, which you certainly can do (We still have a few thousands man hours per month allocated to regular billable projects) - you may purchase modifications, additions etc at the full rate to circumvent the waiting period applied to discounted hours in this special.

I'm in - how do I order.

As soon as I am done this post, I will post a link to a credit card authorization form that you can fill out and fax back to our billing department.

Depending on what you are choosing please fill out the following:

Amount for template orders: $360 USD for your years hosting
Amount for discounted hours (Existing customers only) $740 USD (This buys you $1480 worth of work at our regular rate)

You must fill out all information on the form including - First and Last name, Physical Address (Must match your credit card address) Phone Number, Zip Code, Email Address, Credit Card Number, Expiration Date, VID Code (From the back of the card)

To download the Credit Card Authorization Form (Special over sorry)

Once you have filled out your form completely, please fax it back to 250-753-7209

Billing will then send you an email confirming your order, simply reply confirming that you would in fact like to process the order and we will get you in the queue.


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Morgan Carey

Yeah well - Our members and customers give so much to us and have made this year our best year ever - I feel fortunate that I can give something back. For you readers with questions regarding this post, please feel free to post your question here in the comments section (I imagine many people will have the same questions, so if we can answer them all right here, that would be ideal)

Eddy Kicker

If you do the 14.8 hours at half price, how long do you have to use the hours? Can these hours be used for SEO as well as programming?

Morgan Carey

The 14.8 equates to our regular billable rate of $100 USD per hour. So you could use it for writing time, programming OR design. SEO consulting time is $250 USD per hour, so it would be prorated, but in essence yes you can have $1480 worth of SEO time for $740 USD if you like. The hours do not expire - Your account will have a credit for that amount of labor. In fact you do not even have to place at order at this time if you don't know what you want to use them for, but you want to take advantage of the deal while it's there. You could remit the payment for the discounted hours and decide 6 months from now what you want to use them for if you wanted to.

Mike Pannell

Can we buy more then one? I am looking at 3 total


Congratulations on a Great Year Morgan! Now what can we do as far a custom work, 2 hours for the price of 1 :) Gotta get to ya while your in the giving mood.

Mike Pannell

Can i buy half price design time also. Can i send an extra $360 for 14.8 hours of design time for the i framed IDx


Morgan, I've got an old site with another company that I need updated (switch it over) to one of your nice templates. It's come to my attention that the domain name is in their name but I have all of the receipts since it was created showing that I've paid for it. I also have the e-mail stating that it is my domain name to keep. Would you be able to help out and insure that the domain name gets taken care of on the switch? My e-mail to them requesting it to be put in my name was ignored so it has me a little concerned. Thanks! (I've been meaning to do it, but now I have a great incentive to do it now!)

Wayne Long

Great offer Morgan! I am going to have to get in on this somehow. It is just deciding how to utilize it best.

Ryan Ward

Umm...That's just a fantastic deal. Good for you Morgan and good for anyone who pulls the trigger. I'm sure this will be a big hit.


Are you kidding? Happy Holidays!

Eric Blackwell

Very nice! Way to go Morgan... I am sure that'll bring in some activity!

Sapan Behar

Ah man! I could have used those savings towards the IDX. Darn it! But this is one heck of a promo, I am tempted to just go for a second site!

Paul Caparas

Morgan, remember how I was emailing questions about your template website and thinking about going to REW. Well I talk to Abe last Friday and I told him I want one. Then Holly sent me the CC authorization. I just faxed the CC authorization today for $1100. Do I qualify for the waived set up fee??? Please say I do!

Jennifer Mackay

Jessie needs a website!

Morgan Carey

Paul23 - If you submitted an order prior to today's date, then it would not qualify. It clearly states in the blog post that this is for "New orders submitted between December 10th and December 21st" - This does not apply to any orders (Templates or requests for work) that were submitted prior to December 10th nor can it be used by any customer with an outstanding balance against that balance.


Morgan -- Disregard the question above. I contacted the company and they are cool about transferring the domain over when we are ready. Thanks!


Morgan - That is very generous of you. I am happy to hear that REW is doing well.

Morgan Carey

I will add this to the bottom of the post as well, but for those of you who have been emailing me or PM'ing me, asking what an REW Template is, and what is included, I made a post for you at http://www.realestatewebmasters.com/blogs/morgan-carey/3654/show/

Michael Paul Eau Claire

Is the offer still valid for an informational site or a somewhat-related-to-real-estate site?


I'm IN!! I'm up for the SEO & content writing!! I love my site, so for all of you thinking about it, go for it, you wont be sorry. I've had mine for only 2-3 months and I have already seen results. I can only do so much with my own (limited) knowledge, so I'm ready to let the REW staff help me out!


Very nice Morgan . . . I am ordering immediately

Indy Realtor

I'll take 10! j/k, this is very generous of you Morgan. Thanks a million, I will send in my CC authorization tomorrow.


Hey, Pam...what you are missing here is that many of these sites generate 6-figure incomes for many. If your incredible free site generates you enough income to make your life Grand on the Strand, then you have not missed anything.

REW Nick

Woah! That's generous! Too bad I'm not in the real estate biz ;)


Is there an example of the type of template you will be using?

Morgan Carey

Rvolk - It is not about a discount - but you can purchase the same 14.8 hours at $740 as stated above, thus giving you an extra savings of $740 on hours as well. You could use these for any overages, or additions to your current scope of work.

Morgan Carey

Loudog, All 5 of our standard REW templates, AND their new wide counterparts are available for this promo - there is not difference than if you were paying regular price. All color schemes for standard templates are also available. We put a handy little template selector (With live color examples) together at http://rewtemplates.com/ - I need to pretty up the index but click on any template in normal or wide view, and you can see what that template looks like live, in all it's available color schemes

Morgan Carey

Eau Claire Real Estate - You can use this template for anything you want really - They are quite real estate centric in nature, but would work well for a rentals site, fsbo site, heck even a lawyer site if you wanted it to I guess. :)

Morgan Carey

Pam Guthrie - Why is this more affordable than point2? It's not - their free sites are free, our free sites are free. The difference here between your FREE site and the REW Promo is that you have to pay hosting with ours. However you have to pay for yours as well - #1 you are forced to put advertisements on every page of your website, even if you loose 1 deal in 5 years to that ad, it has cost you more than hosting ever would. #2 You have a limited amount of pages you can add to the point2 free site. With an REW website you have unlimited pages out of the box (And yes you can iframe your IDX for free with ours as well) #3 The only truly good thing about Point2 is their higher end syndication options (Their actual websites are garbage, they have told me so themselves) - these are only available with a pay site from Point2, and this your FREE site isn't really free, now is it?

Morgan Carey

Carmen - If you visit the forums (I think you have already) we are all more than happy to help you with your journey to becoming web savvy, that is what this community is all about. Many members started knowing absolutely nothing about the web, and now could teach this stuff - the information and help is there for you - but only you can make yourself take advantage of it. In terms of IDX - you can iframe in any IDX provider (Third party) you like, or your brokers IDX and there is no cost to you. It does not come with REW's custom IDX - that is a very high end platform and if anyone is interested in that, I suggest contacting sales.. One day I would love to see everyone use it, but again, baby steps - let's get you some great websites first :)


Index works fine Morgan . . . thanks for the quick reply


Thanks for the quick reply. The index works fine with the exeption of the 5th template. The link is currently http://t6.rewtemplates.com/ should be http://t5.rewtemplates.com/ Thanks again, congrats on the success and happy holidays

Pam Guthrie

Why is this site more affordable than the Point2Agent system which is totally free? There is never a fee for the free sites unless you upgrade and there is no hosting fee per month. You can even integrate for free your idx from your local MLS. Am I missing something here? I get incredible traffic per month on the point2agent standard site: http://RealEstateForSaleinMyrtleBeach.com

Morgan Carey

How did Pam's comment get moved down here? Hmmmm

Morgan Carey

Hey guys - We have LOTS of orders for the templates, thank you very much - Many of you have sent in your order right away so as to not miss the sale, but haven't had a chance to report which template, which color etc - For your convenience, I have created a handy little submission form that will allow you to quickly and easily provide all of the information we require to get your template set up - If you could all please use this form to submit the specifics for your template, that would be great. http://www.rewtemplates.com/order.php


Hi Morgan, thank you for this is a fantastic holiday promotion. This is just what I needed to get off the fence and get started with REW. I have learned much from the forums over the past year and look forward to finally becoming a part of the family of REW site owners with a true SEO friendly website.

Morgan Carey

We are happy to have you Brian :)

Joshua Sloan

Congratulations on a great year, Morgan!!

Brian Mc

Very generous of you Morgan, thanks! I want to get in on this deal but am still swamped with my other site, can I get my order in and pay for the hosting but not setup the site until I can get my stuff together? I am not even sure what I will use the site for yet but I know a deal when I see one, thanks!

Morgan Carey

Not a problem Brian - you just let us know when you want to get going. Once you are ready for your new site, just go to the form here http://www.rewtemplates.com/order.php - remind us who you are at the top, and then tell us which template you would like in which colors etc at the bottom. You could wait till next year if you wanted to :) Although payments have to be in before December 21st, to take advantage of the deal, you don't have to decide on your template right away


Thanks again Morgan. I will be faxing my cc auth form in shortly and will get to working on the order form. I am excited about getting the ball rolling and beginning the journey.

Morgan Carey

For you folks that have ordered templates, and have not yet chosen your template style, color, etc - we have updated the order form for you - it is located at http://www.rewtemplates.com/order.php - This form is for AFTER you have sent in your CC authorization form. Using this form will help us streamline the process. Thank you

Spoken Gently

Thanks Morgan! Merry Christmas to you too! I just faxed my CC approval. :)

Spoken Gently

Pam Guthrie, yes, you are missing something here!

Matt Pellerin

Smart. Very smart. Kudos to you Morgan!


ok Morgan. I twisted my arm. I plan to add a new website (replace an old website) AND add 14.8 hours of work on my existing REW site. Please to be telling me that this is ok. I calculate $1100. I've sent two other people your way so far. Out-of the-area agents, of course. No way, i am sending someone to REW to compete with me!

Morgan Carey

So just so I understand Greg - you would like to purchase the 14.8 hours special as an existing customer. AND Add a second template at the no setup rate? Hmmm I hadn't really thought about that situation - but sure why not :)

Arlington VA condos

Holy smokes that rox! Now I've got to make some decisions fast....A template for my wife's future scrapbooking business, a template for wilmington, nc real estate where I'm moving, etc.? What a generous offer, Morgan.... My website has changed my business profoundly and I'm adding my 1st of hopefully several new team members this week....

Tim Baur

Morgan, Since our mls board only allows one idx feed per office.... how would I get the feed into a rew template. I have the rew custom idx on my site. I would like to purchase a few templates but need to be sure I can add search capabilities. Would I have to frame in my current idx into the templates or are there other options? Thx!


Hi Morgan, I have submitted my cc auth & template order for my first REW site. Now I am considering ordering a second template before the holiday special expires. Is there a limit to the # of sites we can get? Also, is there a way for me partake in the discounted hours for the first site too? Or, would I be better off starting with the "deluxe" startup package that we discussed? BTW, do you have a web page detailing the inclusions & savings? Thank you!

Morgan Carey

Tim, I replied in the forum as well, but here is my response copied they might only allow one "feed" but are their rules that restrict it to only one site? If not, it is a non issue, we do not require to separate feeds to provide to IDX's in the same market - we create our own master database with that IDX's data. Thus you could either do an Iframe or a build in, whichever you prefer (Please check with Reed Botright our IDX co-ordinator on this to be sure, and also your MLS board)


Just sent in my form today morgan

Morgan Carey

Cherry Creek Pros - you may order as many templates as you wish for this special - however the discounted hours are available to pre-existing customers only, and are limited to 14.8 per.

Morgan Carey

Thank you Norcal :)


Morgan, I certainly understand, this is already a very generous offer. I will decide how many more sites I need and fax in the cc auths. I will contact you after the content migration of my primary site regarding more details on available seo packages. Thank you.

Keith Lutz

Ho! Ho! Ho! and Merry Christmas to you too!

Keith Lutz

Yes Pam, I just clicked on your link, and now you have me as traffic. Difference is REW, gives you quality traffic and leads!


Morgan, I just faxed in 3 cc auths for 3 more template site orders. I also sent two more brokers your way to partake in the holiday special. Thanks again and Happy Holidays as you have made mine and I am sure many other brokers very happy indeed!

Morgan Carey

Awesome, thank you CherryCreekPro!

Morgan Carey

Just a reminder - today is the last day of the xmas special. Have a great holiday and thank you everyone :)

Morgan Carey

Sales for this special are now closed - Our billing team is going home for the Holidays - thanks everyone and have a great holiday season! Cheers :)

Dennis Pease

Thank You Morgan , Looks like I called you just in time. I appreciate the generous offer you have given us. Have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


Morgan thank you for spending time today on the phone I signed up for the free template and will talk to you soon

Brian Mc

Just sent my order in, thanks again and Happy Holidays to you Morgan!

Don Price

OK, I'll pick up another web site ~ 1st from REW. Looks like a deal to me, but that's what I said when I got an AA site too ;~(. My Pinehurst NC Real Estate Listings is with AA, do I keep it as is and assign a new url to the new REW site or do I do a switch ~ Hmmm?


Morgan, my bad reread the post and I see the answer to my question. You're the MAN!

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