12 Days of Christmas Promo: Revel in Hourly Savings

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It's almost time to bid farewell to 2023, but our 12 Days of Christmas promo is still running, offering you a fantastic opportunity to kickstart your 2024 with a bang. This exclusive promotion brings extraordinary savings to boost your real estate business, setting the stage for success in the coming year. Join us as we delve into the details of this exciting offer and explore why investing in leading tech solutions is the key to unlocking prosperity in the year ahead.

Promotion Details

Our 12 Days of Christmas promo is a gift tailored just for you. It's a celebration of hourly savings that elevates your brand and aspirations. Enjoy saving $25 per hour for commitments under 10 hours, amplify your delight with a generous $35 off per hour for 10 to 100 hours, and experience unparalleled value with $50 off per hour for commitments exceeding 100 hours. Aside from giving you massive discounts, this promotion is about turning your visions into reality while enjoying significant savings.

Feel free to use this promotion when opting for our professional services. Whether you're interested in programming, design, or SEO services, this deal is an opportunity you can't miss. Act quickly and secure our offer before it sells out!

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Professional Services

The success of your real estate business is anchored into specific crucial elements: an optimized and well-designed website, and a SEO campaign that will propel your site on top of search engine rankings. Our Renaissance platform is lightning-fast and user-friendly, and its award-winning design is optimized to generate leads, providing you with more golden opportunities to close deals. 

Moreover, our SEO service will boost your online presence to new heights. Our custom website, paired with SEO, will enhance your visibility and significantly improve conversion rates, transforming your digital exposure into tangible business success. Overall, investing in a powerful website, and strategic online marketing is the key to sustained growth and prominence.

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Gearing Up for 2024

The 12 Days of Christmas benefit doesn't stop with savings. By taking advantage of our hourly savings, you're not only ensuring cost-effectiveness but also laying the groundwork for success in the coming year. Whether you're refining your existing initiatives or actively seeking innovative solutions to propel your business forward, our 12 Days of Christmas promo is designed to cater to your various needs. 

Envision the potential as you unlock savings ranging from $25 to $50 per hour. With these reduced rates, you're making smaller investments but creating opportunities for substantial returns. This promotion may be a seasonal offer, yet it can set the tone for the upcoming years. 

Renaissance's award-winning design, meticulously optimized for heightened engagement, lead generation, and conversion.


The new year heralds endless possibilities. Make the most of these reduced hourly rates and unleash the full potential of your real estate business. Here's to a year filled with growth, success, and limitless opportunities!

12 Days of Christmas FAQ

What is the 12 Days of Christmas promotion?

The 12 Days of Christmas promo offers festive discounts, deals, and rewards to new and current customers. One of the promption involves tiered hourly discounts on professional services.

How long is the promotion valid?

The promotion is valid until December 23, 2023.

How can I best utilize the promotion for my real estate business?

The promotion offers an opportunity to invest strategically in your real estate business. Consider availing the offer to enhance your online presence and optimize your website. It's a chance to boost your business and set the stage for a successful 2024.

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