12 Days Of Christmas Promo - Save Taxes, Huge Discounts, Fredrik Eklund and more!


It's that time again folks! Real Estate Webmaster's 12 days of Christmas promotion!

This promotion expired December 31st / 2016

With all the distraction recently I imagine most of us have not taken the time to complete our year ends, predict our tax bill or do strategic planning for 2017. It's year end, the elections over, and come December 31st most Realtors / Brokerages must have their business expenses in.

Are you ready for it? Let us help!

Most REW customers already know that this promotion is THE BEST promotion we have every year. It's the only time labor rates go on sale, and we always have a bunch of extra bonuses for both existing and new customers.

So if you might need some help planning your marketing and technology budget for 2017, we can help!

If you might need to add expenses to your books, so that your dollars can go towards your business, instead of Uncle Sam, we can help! (Why give away 100% of what you earned, only to spend more next year right?)

If you are an existing customer, or a new customer and you have not upgraded in 2 years+ (some of you much longer) - we have 2 BRAND NEW website products that are the most SEO friendly, mobile first products we have ever built! Our new ELITE SITE for those that focus on pure lead gen, conversion and our new agent / broker branding site designed in partnership with Fredrik Eklund star of Bravo's Million dollar Listing New York and one of the top branding experts and brokers in the entire world!

So let's talk sites first:

REW Elite Site: We have launched a brand new, lightweight framework that is ridiculously fast! Performance for users and for search engines is a top priority for this site AND for those that like to semi customize or completely customize - the ELITE framework is the absolute best base to do it from.

You can view a demo and then go ahead and run it through Google page speed test! I dare you!

Seriously though - out of the box for a brokerage, or a non branding heavy team this site is absolutely ready to go day 1! And unlike more custom projects, this site can be ready the day after you submit your IDX paperwork IF you order early! Remember, this is our most popular promo of the year and our production queue's do fill up fast!

The cost for this site package is $5,000 USD + regular SAAS / hosting

The Fredrik! So named because we built this site in partnership with the TOP broker in New York city. For this project I personally flew to New York with my designers and visited many times after. Fredrik and I spent countless hours on the phone, online and in person designing, tweaking, changing the site until we had THE PERFECT BRANDING SITE! So if you are an agent, team or brokerage and your BRAND is your main focus - this is the site for you! 

2 things that mattered a LOT in this development - Mobile first, and imagery (photo or video).

One of the things I LOVE about working with Fredrik is that he "gets it" when it comes to marketing and technology (have you ever read his book "The Sell"?) - and the first thing Fredrik said is - Look Morgan, the world is on mobile, I know you know this! We must do all our work on the phone first, because if it doesn't look amazing on the phone, I will not approve it. So that's exactly what we did!

The second thing I love about working with Fredrik is his photography! Anyone who follows him on Instagram, Facebook or any other social media knows that Fredrik takes AMAZING photo's! We also know from the many studies of Facebook and other platforms that the visual medium is now the preferred medium for content. And when you see the layout - think about what users are used to when it comes to access their photos on their phone - look familiar? That was Fredrik's idea and I love it!

You can view our final customized design at http://www.fredrikeklund.com to get a sneak peak at what your site might look like (I'm going to be using it on my own http://www.morgancarey.com as well).

The first Fredrik sites are already flying off the shelves and we will be posting a case study once our next super star agent goes live on this framework. I can't tell you who he is yet, but I can tell you he did $300,000,000.00 in sales last year and is am absolute ROCK STAR!

The cost for this website package is also $5,000 USD and your site will be available for install in just a few weeks!

Let's not forget about Barbara Corcoran! This years most popular product, is our website designed with our amazing partner Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank. You can view a demo at http://barbara.rewsites.com - this Framework has been revamped with new WPO features and of course is now available on the newest 4.7 backend.

And now for the extra special promo features!

If you purchase any of these sites we are going to offer you the following AMAZING services completely free of charge for 6 months! 

PPC management services: Normally 15% of spend, we are offering our PPC management services completely FREE for 6 months. You just provide the budget you would like us to manage for you and 100% of that budget will go towards your leads. On a $2,000 per month budget this is a savings of $1,800 USD

ISA Services: Not only are we going to provide free PPC management services to GET you the leads, in partnership with http://www.insidesalesagents.com we are even going to provide an ISA to provide "first call agent" services for up to 50 leads with valid phone numbers per month completely FREE! A savings of $3,000 USD! *Minimum $1,000 USD PPC spend or 50+ existing monthly leads required. 

Total savings on the 2 most important base level services for success in 2017 - $4,800 USD - that means your new website only cost you $200!

I should probably explain a little more about what a "first call agent does" at Insidesalesagents.com - you see, the biggest issue we all know that we face is that agents do NOT call web leads. Even if they do, they call them late, and typically once at most.

The First Call Agent Program provides an ISA to call your leads IMMEDIATELY (inside of 10 minutes) and if we don't get ahold of the lead we will keep calling on a proven program until we reach that lead! (Calling up to 10x) - Imagine how many more leads you would engage with if you could just get ahold of them! Once an FCA gets ahold of a the lead, they gather some basic information and prompt the lead for a call back from an agent on your team. We immediately make contact with the agent and help get the lead and the agent connected.

Those are at least the basics of the program - I will ask the CEO of Insidesalesagents.com, Mitch Ribak to pop by and comment on more details on the program for you as well but here's the math:

YOU probably convert decently well if you are taking leads and don't have too many but likely can't handle too many more, am I right?

YOUR AGENTS probably completely suck at follow up and a lot of your leads are getting wasted (and you're paying good money (probably to REW) to generate them! Sure there is a great ROI still, but what if we could double it?

Most agents (not the founder) convert at less than a half a % on raw web leads (forced registration) - that means if we can get them to just 1% we DOUBLE the GCI for those agents AND for you the team leader or broker. Imagine if we got to just 2%? That is QUADROUPLE the GCI! Starting to make sense right?

Also for companies / team leaders NOT already on "at least" 50/50 splits - this is an amazing way to increase your company dollar. Tell the agent - we're going to help you double+ your sales, you have to do less work, we'll call all the initial web leads for you for a warm hand off and you'll make way more money. Sound good? But we're going to 50/50 - we have hundreds of customers who have already gone this route with their teams / brokerages and it is PROVEN!

Make the agents life easier, and make them more $ while getting them addicted / dependent on your system so they never leave? Sounds pretty good to me!

BUT wait there's more! Because the service increases YOUR dollar as well - it's actually no cost to you. In fact! This is an ROI driving platform - even after our fees ($10 per lead after 6 months) you will make MUCH MORE from the same amount of leads than you were previously! We're providing 6 months free to PROVE IT but once you see the effectiveness of our program and how much your agents love it, you will be a customer (no a partner) for life!

It's a virtuous circle :)

And now for some more awesome deals!

First I should probably tell you, with existing orders REW's professional services departments (custom programming, custom design and SEO) are SOLD OUT for the rest of 2016 so all orders placed and estimates will be done in 2017 (which actually isn't that far away given Christmas holidays and the fact that most of us still need to do our marketing / strategic planning for the next year.

So please know that while we are getting our "orders" in for custom work during the promo (so we can get in the queue, access the great deals and of course spend money on our businesses instead of taxes) the actual work will be done in the new year. But do order early as orders / payments in secure your spot in estimates queue for next year.

During this time we do however plan on doing a MAJOR hire for our new Vancouver facilities and plan on adding a "minimum" 30 production resources to our program (roughly 60,000 additional labor hours). We'll be ready for you :)

So here are the discounts on custom labor hours for next year (if purchased during the promo)

Clients on 1 year contract: $115 USD per hour (save $85 per hour)
Clients on 2 year contract: $105 USD per hour (save $95 per hour)
Clients on 3 year contract: $95 USD per hour (save $105 per hour!)

Minimum purchase is 10 hours - you may purchase as many hours as you like and do not even need to decide which discipline you will use them for. We will simply keep them on account and our product consultants and TSE's will work with you to come up with a plan for use for 2017

For those on shorter term contracts that want to upgrade to access better rates, we will simple sign you up as of the day you request on longer term, and then cancel your shorter contract.

A few terms on all orders:

You must pay off any outstanding balances "first" (unless you have an agreed upon payment plan) before you can access the promo.

Orders are secured by "payment" and are placed in a first come, first served queue.

Existing customers - of course reach out to your product consultants for more info but I will also be posting this link on the REW Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/realestatewebmasters/

if you have questions or comments about any of this - please use the comments section below, or join / post them in the REW Facebook group!

Can't wait to be a part of your success in 2017! Let's make it your best year ever!


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