12 Days of Xmas 2012 - New backend, New responsive LEC's and more!


It's Christmas time at REW again, and as always, we are launching our BIGGEST promotion of the year - the long anticipated 12 Days Of Xmas promo.

We have tons of new upgrades / features rolling out including the 4.2 REW backend, LEC2011 (LEC6) responsive retrofit, premium templates and much much more! This promotion is also the only time in recent memory that our SEO / SEM services will be a part of the promotion. So if you are planning on making 2013 the year that increases your leads and conversions to make more money (and work less) than ever before - start your year off right with products and upgrades from Real Estate Webmasters.

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How about some details? You got it!

  • All fixed cost items are 50% off
  • Responsive LEC's (2010, 2011, 2012) $2500 off
  • LEC's 2008, 2009 $5000 off
  • REW Standard templates 100% off (just pay the hosting)
  • New premium templates 50% off!
  • PPC setup FREE with minimum 1 month management (no commitment or contracts)
  • Custom labor $25 off PER HOUR!
  • And finally SEO packages - purchase 3 months and get the 4th month free (6 months SEO gives you another free $5000 SEO work)

Promotion will start today and end 12 business days from now which is Friday December 14th

I leaked the promo already to REW Summit attendees just this week on my Facebook and we have already received tons of orders. So please don't wait as we handle orders on a first come first served basis and custom hours are limited.

There are a few quick rules for this promo:

#1: Promotions apply to new work only
#2: Orders must be received and paid in full by Friday, December 14th at 4 PM (12 business days of XMAS :))
#3: Existing balances must be paid off (excluding authorized payment plans) prior to purchasing new work.

What are you talking about? 4.2? Premium templates? A responsive 2011? WHAT!!!

Have questions? We have answers!

The sales team will be patrolling this blog for comments and we will provide answers to any questions you have daily throughout this promotion. Also feel free to contact your assigned sales person directly (but do come here first as your question may already be answered and sales will be smoking busy). Don't know who your sales person is? Feel free to email sales@realestatewebmasters.com for answers, or call our toll free number at 1-877-753-9893 and request to speak to sales and you will be routed to the next available rep.

Please post your questions, comments and orders below in the comments section and we will be right back to you. Please keep in mind, if you are logged into your REW blog account, your comment will post immediately; however if you aren't logged in, your comment will be saved for review, but won't be posted until we review it so please either create / sign into your REW Blog account (it's free) or don't worry, your comment (and answers) will be approved within 12 hours - no need to post again.

Happy Holidays everyone - we look forward to working with you towards your best Real Estate Sales year EVER!

Morgan Carey, CEO
Real Estate Webmasters


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Are there any examples of the new responsive versions of the old LECs?

Joshua Keen

I'd like a quote to bring my LEC ( http://www.realsourcebrokers.com ) to a responsive design.


Any examples of the templates/premium templates?

Morgan Carey

phake - currently 2012 and 2011 are already responsive with the 2010 coming soon. The 2012 is at 2012.rewlec.com and the 2011 is at http://dev65.rewdev.com/ for now (will be ported over to rewlec soon)

Joshua - I will submit your request for upgrade right away and be back with an estimate soon. Thanks.

Morgan Carey

David, examples of regular templates are at www.rewtemplates.com (from main page) - examples of premium templates are at:


Premium templates are more fully loaded options normally retailing at $5000 on for $2500 + hosting.


I would like the 4.2 upgrade. Cost?

Morgan Carey

Hello Carlos, which site would you like an estimate on for the 4.2 upgrade? (URL) - 4.2 upgrades are handled like all upgrades, we just bill for the labor it takes. A 4x to 4.2 if you have zero customization can be as little as a few hours - or if you have tons of custom work / design etc it could be more - it is always just a case by case basis - but I am happy to check for you. Let me know which site it's for and I'll get right on it. Cheers

Waylon Stricklin

Hey Morgan, I would love to get a quote to enhance my LEC website: http://www.homeslawton.com, to a responsive design!


Thanks the site is nmwelcomehome.com

Christin Adams

We're looking to create a new site for our Austin office, similar to our Dallas office www.DallasLuxuryRealty.com - which i believe is a 2008 LEX. What is the regular price for a 2008/9 LEC, or what would the price be for one with this promotion?


Morgan Carey

Waylon, unfortunately we aren't estimating LEC 2010 yet as the responsive LEC for "upgrades" is not done yet - we know the cost if you were to buy one, but to upgrade one with customizations will be a while before I can estimate it. What we recommend in this situation is you book enough hours to cover an upgrade typically and then use those once it's available (but get them now on sale) - I'll get some commentary from the developers for you.

Morgan Carey

Christin Adams - as you know LEC stands for "Limited Edition Custom" which means we only sell one design of each year in each market - unfortunately Austin is one of our most popular areas and is sold out on every LEC including LEC 2013 that has not even been designed yet. My recommendation would be to go to a premium template ($2500 similar to LEC but not exclusive) or of course you could go fully custom which is 15k+ let me know if you have questions.

Btw - retail on any LEC non promotion is $10,000 so it's a significant discount same with the Premium sites.

Waylon Stricklin

Hey Morgan, go ahead and put us down for 22 hours. Thanks!

Morgan Carey

Done and Done Waylon - thank you so much

Ernesto Riquelme


I woul like to know what can you do with our website.

I am in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, and want to get much more American and Canadian leads.

I believe this maybe very interesting for REMAX MEXICO wich already have around 100 offices in Mexico, as this may become into an integration between agents and offices.



What features are included in the 4.2 backend?

Gary Sattelberger

Hi Morgan, Do the premium templates come in different colors?

janis gagliardi

Can you send me a link to the 4.2 backend example. thanks. just trying to make a decision.

Jason Lapene

What is the cost to upgrade my IDX on dwellatlanta.com to the newest version available?


Hey Morgan,

Happy Holidays to you!

I would like 3 custom design hours please.

Also, would you be kind enough to have someone quote out an upgrade of my old templated system to the newer one at www.CarolinaRealtyGuide.com?

Thank you! Jonathan

Morgan Carey

Ernesto, can you send me a link to your website? In Mexico there is no centralized MLS system like in the US and Canada, but we can certainly build you one and it would make for a huge competitive advantage in the search engines and help you recruit / retain agents.

Morgan Carey

Janis (and other's that have asked) - here is a link to "what's new in 4.2" http://www.realestatewebmasters.com/blogs/michael/26794/show/ - please note these are only what we feel are the "highlights" of 4.2 COMPARED to 4.1 - if you are running anyhting less than 4.1 you are missing out on many more features as every .x release brings more and more features. There are litereally hundreds from 3.x to 4.2

Morgan Carey

Jonathan - That template is literally so old, it should just be thrown out and you should pick a new design. Something from the $0 setup category would do just as well to replace that one, but if you REALLY wanted to up your game, going to a premium template or LEC would be the way to go.

Please note - any fixed cost modules you have (quick search, feautred listings, IDX etc) that you have previously purchased in your template are included in your new template at zero cost to you, as is your content and lead transfer.

If you do have any "custom" work that you need recreated in a new site - that would need to be estimated. Definitely the time to pull the trigger as you will see a HUGE improvement in all areas over that old site.

Christopher Audette

Hey guys,

I would like to transfer my old LEC to the new template http://pt2.rewtemplates.com/ I would like to add on the following:

google directions, and the business directory additions.

I would also like to make sure I have 20 hours banked (not sure how many are in my account now). (If the transfer - with existing modifications - is going to cost more than this, please let me know).

Thanks guys, great looking stuff.

Morgan Carey

Sorry Ryne, cost of labor retail is $125 per hour, during this promotion it is only $100.

Morgan Carey

Christopher, Your basic content and lead transfer will come for free as well. Premium template version 2 also comes with Control panel, IDX, featured listings, featured areas callout, mobile IDX and likely a bunch of things I am forgetting - all no extra charge - they are a wicked deal, and really popular. I'll get your order in right away. thanks

Morgan Carey

Gary, there are only the colors shown for now on the premium templates, but I would be certainly willing to offer to do up a color scheme for any major brand (or one that matches a brand but doesn't have to be for a brand) - the only caveat is I get to do the colors with the design team - (sometimes customers can come up with some "interesting" color schemes - I'm happy to do so though - let me know hwat you need and I'll make it happen.

Morgan Carey

Jason Lapene, to get all the 4.x IDX enhancements, you will basically need a 4.x site - I will have the estimates team take care of getting you some numbers. Definitely time to upgrade that backend too my friend, hope all is well.


Before the promotion ends what will it cost to upgrade http://www.nmwelcomehome.com to 4.2?


Morgan- Google driving direction is not on my site... Should it be?


I'd like to update hawaiihomes1.com to 4.2 using template #9 in bamboo.

Please send more info.

Thanks, Mike


I have a few request being made but the first is for the new Sobborgo.com site.
We would like to order the advanced XLM/IDX sitemap

Thank you


Hey Morgan
For the new seeChicagoonline.com site I would like to order the following:

1. Craigslist flyer
2. Featured Listings
3. Google streetview
4. Google directions
5. Microsoft birdeye
6. Get local
7. Similar properties added to detail page

Can I order bulk hours at the discount or do I need to separate them into programming and Design

Thank you
Ted Guarnero

Morgan Carey

Ryan, my appologies - it appears as though Google directions is only included in LEC's 2010 and above by default, that is my mistake. It should not be on templates, premium templates or customs by default.

Morgan Carey

Calgary, I have taken care of your estimate request - should be in shortly.

Morgan Carey

Brett M - the messages feature is part of the Control Panel, so yes that would need to be ordered. I will send in your request for estimate to upgrade to 4.2 and also get an order from control panel - thanks,

Morgan Carey

Of course you can order bulk hours Ted - how many would you like? I'll get it in for you right away. (I assume that new URL is the new LEC?)


Thanks Morgan

50 hours for the new LEC site.


Hey Morgan,

I don't feel I can afford a new LEC right now....Don't get me wrong, I'd love one but haven't budgeted for it currently. I would like to upgrade to a new template with a new idx.

Would you be kind enough to have someone provide me a figure on this so I can make a decision. My old site is CarolinaRealtyGuide.com. We might even upgrade GreenvilleInformation.com as well. Thank you, Jonathan

Russell Volk

Hey Morgan,

I’m finally ready to pull the trigger. I would like to order a LEC 2012 for Bucks County/Philadelphia area. This LEC will replace my current site. I will also need the following:

  • I would like REW to design a “killer” home page. Maybe some content needs to be changed. Maybe some additional images need to be added/replaced. I’m not sure how much time is required, but please let me know what you think it will take. I need a rough estimate on what will it take to create a really good looking and attractive home page.
  • I would like some type of “Call to Action” image created that will take a visitor to a Mortgage Pre-Approval page. This “Call to Action” will need to be displayed prominently on every page of the website. Please estimate amount of work for that.
  • My main concern is that I don’t lose any rankings in Search Engines. Is there anything else I can do now or during the construction phase to prevent that from happening?

I will be moving to another office sometime in January or February, so it will have a different color scheme than what’s currently in place. When do you think this website can go live, so I can plan accordingly?


Morgan Carey

Hello Russell,

Great to hear! I will put you down for LEC 2012 (replacing your existing site I assume) and get a dev installed and your content transfered over.

As for your other elements - a few are subjective (because it is custom design / layout / content) work so I can only give you some commentary and a suggestion.

CTA's - typically a couple of hours is fine for a graphical CTA

As for doing a "completely custom design" for your "killer homepage" - honestly, LEC 2012 is already a huge step up from your site and already a killer homepage - myself personally I would rather see you spend your $ on the 4 for 3 SEO package so we can handle all your transfer stuff and ensure that the transition not only conserves your SEO (the good stuff in place) but also improves wherever there are opportunities (and there are lots)

What do you think? Throw in the CTA with the SEO hours, do a 4 for 3 and an LEC and get you rocking?

As for timeline - we are backing up now, so definitely no issue waiting until the new year and the change before you take your site live - this will give us a month or two to augment your content, handle your SEO etc - you will definitely hit the ground running with a package like this. I am going to send you the paperwork via email - let me know if you have questions



Hi Morgan, quote please for a 4.2 backend upgrade for both my sites and bill me 25 custom hours. Thanks, Kevin

Matt Scoggins

I need 2 RSS Snippet Readers for my new blogs that were just installed. Please add the snippets into the side nav.


Morgan Carey

Russell thank you so much for your LEC and SEO order - time to kill it in 2013!

kevin, I will get you an estimate - which two URL's are you talking about? (request for hours sent)

Matt Scoggins - RSS readers sent - thanks.


www.Previewochomes.com and www.OrangeCountyWaterfrontHomes.com


Cindy Knight

Craigslist tool for www.MacombHomeFinder.com along with 5 hours of labor


PreviewOC, just wanted to let you know we are still working on an estimate for upgrading your two sites. I will email you in the next day or two. Our delay will not affect your eligibility for the promo rate.

Cindy, I see that your order was processed and an invoice was issued. Thanks!

Carl Ericson

How much would it be to upgrade our site to 4.2 backend? Also, how much to make it a responsive deisgn/change to one of the responisve design LEC's?

Carl Ericson

What would it cost to upgrade my personal site to a premium template?


Spoken Gently

Gosh darn it! I'm considering some upgrades and just saw this post. I wish we had an email notification option so I can subscribe to you Morgan and receive emails whenever you post. :)

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