12 Days of Xmas Promo – Biggest REW promotion of the year!


It's that time again – Real Estate Webmasters's biggest promotion of the year! We have our best deals during this promotion and we also announce new & exciting features. We have the new LEC 2014 on pre-sale (with a sneak peak), a new API to announce and some great upcoming partnerships to help all REW users take their game to the next level. Keep reading to find out all about it – and if you have questions, please ask me in the comments section, I would love to give you any information you need.

This promotion tends to sell out quickly for any items that are of limited quantity and for everything else, remember it's first come first served in our queue so early orders can be done right away. Ordering near the end of the promo means you still get amazing deals, but it will be a while before we can complete your order.

This promotion will easily sell out our queue through January. If you have a project you need done before the end of the year, you need to get it in early!

2014 promises to be the best year in recent memory. Consumer confidence is back, homes are flying off the market (so much so that in many areas there is barely any inventory) and with all this business comes great opportunity to capture a much bigger piece of this great market.

Let's not forget it's also your best opportunity to get expenses in before tax deadline! Who couldn't use a write off, right about now? :)

Let's get to the great deals, shall we!?

How about 50% off of pretty much everything except labor? All “fixed cost” upgrades are 50% off.

Fully responsive premium templates? 50% off! (Save $2500)

Our basic templates with integrated IDX? 50% off!

I told you it was some great deals!

But what about market exclusive high end LEC products? Our Limited Edition Custom sites retail at $10,000 per site per market area. During this promotion you can save on any available models left. This is the first time ever we have offered a discount / promo on LEC 2013 ($2500 off) and you can save up to 65% on the previous years' models (if available). Please ask, if you want to know if an LEC is available in your market, by posting a comment below.

LEC discounts are based on model year: (all retail at $10,000 and all are market exclusive)

  • 2010 at $3,500 (LAST CHANCE - these will no longer be offered once 2014 is launched)
  • 2011 at $5,000, Save $5000
  • 2012 at $5,000, Save $5000
  • 2013 at $7,500, Save $2500 (latest LEC currently available)

LEC 2014 Pre-sale: Some of our more popular markets have already sold out through 2014, 2015 even 2016! That's how popular and exclusive this limited edition product is. And these people have pre-purchased the LEC sight unseen (they have never even seen a mockup).

For the first time ever, I am going to post a preview of the top secret LEC in the year previous to its release (the LEC 2014 will be here in the first quarter of 2014) – and if anyone would like to lock up their market they can do so now at the retail price of $10,000 USD AND if you need to get started sooner, we will give you a free premium template in the meantime so you can starting doing your SEO, PPC etc. and get to know our system.

Here is your preview of LEC 2014

When the LEC becomes available, we will simply overwrite your premium template with your new LEC at no cost assuming you have not customized the premium template.

Pre purchased hours at incremental discounts:

  • 10 hours @ $120
  • 50 hours @ $115
  • 100 hours @ $110
  • 200+ hours $100
  • Note - pre-purchased hours quantities are limited.

Also first crack at LEC 2014 pre-sale $10,000 - Oh yeah, we are also celebrating the release of the brand new www.realestatewebmasters.com website – I'd love to know what you think.

Finally let's talk about hosting / SAAS / IDX fees (existing customers only)

In June 2013 our hosting rates went up (a whopping $20 on regular hosting) with similar % increases to premium hosting. This was the first increase in many years even after we more than tripled our support staff, infrastructure and made major investments in new hardware and cloud based technologies. This price increase has since applied to "new sites only" - however effective January 1, 2014 all customers (regardless of backend version) will be on the new, unified hosting prices.

Website hosting / SAAS

  • Site/backend (No IDX): $59 USD per month
  • Premium Hosting (No IDX): $159 USD per month
  • IDX Data: $40 USD (per feed per month)

Now let's talk about how how we keep your current hosting rate for more than 2 years!

Here's the deal - during this promotion we will allow you to pre-pay for up to 2 years of hosting (at your current rate). So for example, if you were due to renew in February 2014 you would have to pay the new rate, but if you pre-paid 2 years now it would be at the existing rate and that rate would be locked until February 2016 - Easy, right?

As with all hosting - if for some reason you leave us (you won't) or you go out of business or sell (we hope you don't) any pre-paid hosting is 100% refundable with 30 days notice. (Cancel in Feb. 2015 means March 2015 on is refundable).

This promo is going to get crazy busy, so I personally will likely not be able to take your calls. Therefore I would ask that if you have a question for me, please post it in the blog comments below (I will approve them and then answer them ASAP).

Alternatively you can:
email sales@realestatewebmasters.com
email: your assigned sales rep
call 1-877-753-9893 (Toll free) and request to speak to sales (or your assigned rep)

One last note - please do not expect to get your projects in the queue tomorrow -

REW is ALWAYS very busy - this sale will mean that many of you probably won't even start your projects until December or January (even though we have over 70 staff) so please try to look at this as:

  • Getting a great deal
  • Planning for 2014
  • Getting your expenses in before the end of the year tax deadline.

Thank you as always for your fantastic support - we look forward to servicing you for many more years to come!

Update - API's & Partners

Folks have been asking about our API and our current partners (those we have already integrated with) here is some information for you.

First off the API - what is an API? Technically it's an "Application Programming Interface" but what it "means" is that there is now a "something" that with the help of REW can far more easily connect with third party interfaces / services.

Not only can we connect you with third party services (think sales force, infusionsoft etc) with a work order - we are also creating our own partnerships and connections on "our" dime.

Here is a list of current providers we have completed or are working with: (Connected to most of these services should not require a work order)

  • GuaranteedSale.com - if you are a Guaranteed Sale user, you can have your leads auto populated into the REW System under a custom group GS and set up custom seller drips etc for those leads
  • HappyGrasshopper.com - Users of happy grasshopper can multi select leads and auto populate those leads to the HG system to be assigned to drips and other services.
  • Mandrill - high delivery email system by constant contacts (comes with analytics) - now much easier to connect in the backend.
  • SendGrid Similar - service to Mandrill for transactional Mail
  • Bomb Bomb - SUPER COOL video emailing system (send video emails with the click of a button from the REW Backend - *still in beta*
  • Follow Up Boss - Popular CRM product send leads directly to FUB *in development*

Those are just a few things we're doing with our API - and don't forget, now that it exists, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities to connect with third parties of all kinds.

And don't forget - please post your comments below!



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John Milakovic

Will there be any discounts on SEO Packages during the 12 Days of Xmas Promo?

Luke Bouman

Can I see what 2010-2013 LEC's look like? I'm making a change with my site this year and I'm hoping it will be here as long as I like what the LEC's have to offer.
Luke Bouman

Luke Bouman

I'm getting a new website in the next few months. Do you have examples of LEC10-12 that I can see? I would like to work with you as long as I like what those sites offer.


Would love some more info about the API mentioned. Have talked before about trying to integrate the lead manager with some other lead sources, and this sounds like it might be heading that direction...

Matthew Lahti

Ditto what Scott said and also can't wait to get the sneak peak at the 2014 LEC.

REW Steven

@Luke Demos are available at http://2013.rewlec.com/

Just put in the year number you are looking for.

Morgan Carey

Jolenta, I have sent in your request to be billed for 2 years hosting at this years rate - thank you!

Morgan Carey

John - unfortunately there will not be SEO added to this promotion due to the fact that our SEO team is extremely swamped (I think they said they might be able to fit in 1-2 more accounts) they are hiring, but for now I don't want to overwhelm them or have service suffer.

That's not to say that you can't hit us up for deals on long term SEO buys as long as you're willing to have your project start in January and pre-buy several months. Hit me up privately if you would like to talk about an SEO program / PPC management for 2014

Morgan Carey

Luke: You can view the LEC's at

You can also check out live versions of our LEC's across the nation at www.realestatewebmasters.com/lec/ - please note, if you see an LEC 201x is taken in your city already that means that version is not available (we only sell 1 per market per year)

Daniel Beer

I will pay 2 years worth of hosting. Please bill me. I will also take 50 hours so long as they can be used for programming and design alike.

Ashley McDonald

For clarification, will you give totals on what the new yearly charges will be for hosting for the following:

1. LEC with IDX

2. Premium Template with IDX

3. Standard Template with IDX

Matt Scoggins

What is the difference between the premium template and the basic template?

Morgan Carey

Ashley, there is no difference in hosting costs between regular templates, premium templates, LEC's or customs with IDX - our residual is the same.

Last 5 years prices were:

Regular website hosting with 1 IDX For the year = $959.40
Premium website hosting with 1 IDX For the year = $1560

New hosting rates: (Changed June 30th for all new sites, changes for legacy accounts Jan 1)
Regular website hosting with 1 IDX For the year = $1188
Premium website hosting with 1 IDX For the year = $2388
Dedicated Server with 1 site 1 IDX For the year = $5988

Morgan Carey

Matt there are TON of differences between regular templates and premium templates, here are a few.

#1: Premium templates are fully responsive (adapt to all browser formats / devices such as ipad, mobile phoes etc) regular templates are not.

#2: Premium templates come very well appointed with add ons at no extra charge - (IDX, Featured Listings, Control Panel, Quick Search, Blog and a bunch of other ones) Regular templates come with only IDX - all those other features you have to pay for separately (fully loaded regular template costs as much as a premium template anyways)

#3: Design - Premium templates are built to look / behave much more like a custom than a template. They are high end in look / feel and functionality. Regular templates are meant to compete (very well I might add) against the lower end providers - we want them to be "better" than any other template vendor out there, but not anywhere near as good as our LEC's or customs.

At the end of the day, a premium template is a high end site, a regular template is a starter site.

Both have the same backend, same support, same hosting options etc and both can be further customized with purchased labor.

Dennis DeSouza

Morgan sign me up for the 2 years of hosting as well. Also what exactly can the pre paid hours be used towards?

Morgan Carey

Hello Dennis, will do! Thank you! - Hours can be used for any custom work (design or programming) - did you want me to put you down for some hours as well?

Greg Geilman

I'd like to pre-pay my hosting at the old rate for the next two years. Sign me up!

Matt Scoggins

Put me down for (1) premium template for my www.ThinkLouise.com site. I assume all content, leads, saved searches, etc... will be transferred as part of the upgrade?

Morgan Carey

Email sent Greg Geilman - cheers!

Morgan Carey

Will send your request in now Matt Scoggins, as for "basic content" and "leads" (blog posts, etc) all transfer because it is 4.0 to 4.3 should be no issues. Older sites (3.x 2.x) sometimes leads need a work order - but your site shouldn't.

Do note - you are going from an old template, to a responsive site, so some of your content you will need to adjust if it is fixed width etc (we don't touch your content, we just transfer as is)

Anything else you want added to the invoice?
Thanks as always, hope you're doing well :)

PS - which premium site would you like?

Morgan Carey

Matthew Lahti I posted a preview screen in the blog post above - let me know what you think (it is a work in progress, but we've made good progress so far! :)

Matthew Lahti

Looks great.. trying to decide between some modifications to ours or an upgrade. Will keep an eye on the progress. Thanks

Morgan Carey

Don't wait too long, they do sell in your market ;-) just took the 2013 live at www.realfx.com

What custom work were you contemplating as an alternative? What is your site btw?

Janis T Gagliardi

Would also like to discuss further work (deals) on long term SEO buys as you mentioned above if willing to have project start in January. We are currently working with Ayaka so we wouldn't want to lose our position with the SEO team.


Hey Janis,

Just a heads up that we will hold the spot for all current SEO clients, as long as you renew your project before it ends. We have a high renewal rate so we give our clients a small window of opportunity to keep working with their writer before we free up the spot for a new project. If you renew your SEO before your current project wraps up, you won't have to wait until January to keep working with Ayaka! :)

Mike Trinchitella

Morgan... emailed sales last night for a premium template with a lot of standard upgrades plus ton of quotes for other stuff. FYI - support still trying to figure out why I can't log in or find my REW blog.

Morgan Carey

Hello Mike, thanks for your order! I have looked into it, and it appears there is no user (search for mike, or trinch" in our system) it may be that you were pruned. We pruned all users who had zero posts (did you have any blog posts?) - We may also have pruned banned / suspended members or those with a lot of spam comments and no activity. (spam from outside, not you spamming)

You will need to sign up a new account - thanks.

Daniel Beer

Morgan just want to make sure my order went In too. Thanks!


Thanks I signed up again but then it said my email is already in use yet the system doesn't recognize it when I click reset password so essentially I have my old forum name MikeNY from like 2007 and have a new one so that I can blog again but it also set up another forum profile. Wish it could be fixed but guess it cant?


Hey Mike, have another try at it now.

I've updated the sign up form to link to existing REW Forum accounts. When you sign up check "I am already a member of the Real Estate Webmasters Forum." and enter you forum username and password.


Matt Scoggins

Morgan, on pt1.rewtemplates.com, would the scrolling listings at the top be Louise's personal listings or can they be random IDX listings?


Hi Daniel - just to confirm that your order was submitted. Thanks!


Out of curiosity - what's the basic templates with integrated IDX cost normally?

Morgan Carey

Matt Scoggins, they can be any listings (IDX or Louise's listings) if they are not your own though, they "might" need to have the FMLS logo right up there - depends on your MLS.

Morgan Carey

MikeNY - current pricing (retail) is located here: http://www.realestatewebmasters.com/pricing/ - a standard template + IDX is $999 normally (so you can get one for just $500 during the promo!) - plus applicable hosting which is $99 per month for standard SAAS / Hosting (includes IDX, hosting, CRM, support, etc) or $199 per month for premium hosting. Hosting fees are paid yearly

Morgan Carey

Cameron, let's get all your questions answered and then send it all in for one order.

#1: 2 Years hosting - check!#2 listings flyer 50% off - check! Community stats module yes is also 50% off (but not on the onboard fees, that is correct)
#3: Retail rate on custom hours is $125 USD per hour

Any other questions?

Morgan Carey

Cameron, just looked up your site - I see you are on 4.2 (no issues there at all) but you "could" use hours on sale to upgrade to 4.3 and get a bunch of cool new features (and the new API) would open up more options for you and get you to the most current framework. Also will make future upgrades less costly next time as you will be current.

Morgan Carey

Oh no, I just accidentally deleted Cameron's comments lol! Sorry about that - I'll email you (new blog, still figuring things out hehe)

Cameron Keegan

Ok, put 10 custom hours on their too.


Morgan Carey

2 years hosting, 50% listings flyer and community stats and 10 hours - you got it! Thanks Cameron!

Matt Scoggins

Will BirdsEye View, Streetview, etc... be transferred over at no cost?

Morgan Carey

"Existing sites" that have licenses for "fixed cost" modules (for that domain) do get the modules enabled for free on the new site, yes.

So modules like streetview / birds eye etc - if you had them on the previous version that you are upgrading, they come over at no cost.

Basic content is also moved at no cost, so are leads :)

Matt Scoggins

My order:


pt1.rewtemplates.com (blue)

2yr pre-paid hosting


2yr pre-paid hosting

I would really like to upgrade all 3 of my sites to premium templates, but unfortunately I don't have the money to do it all at once


Kenneth Cox

2 year hosting for www.dfwurbanrealty.com to start

Dylan Darling

I'll pay 2 years of hosting for www.dylandarling.com. Also, please have my sales associate get a hold of me to talk about a LEC. I'm contemplating a new site... but want to talk about what I can move over from my other LEC that's less than 2 years old.

Dylan Darling

Thinking of a community stats upgrade too... 50% off right?

Morgan Carey

Yes the community stats module (all fixed cost modules) are 50% off :)

Morgan Carey

Kenneth I have sent your 2 years hosting request in "to start" - does this mean you have questions about other products / orders? Let me know :)

Morgan Carey

Hello Dylan,
Looks like you have an LEC 2009 (almost 5 years old) but I see you purchased it around 2 years ago - so definitely want to take a look at something more current. I also see that our sales manager Allison was your sales rep, she's on mat leave, so looks like you get me! :D

If you buy a newer LEC, we move all your content, modules that were previously ordered, leads, listings, blogs etc over.

Do you have some customizations you want re-implemented? If that is the case, you would need to book labor for that as they can't automatically transition over to a different framework, a programmer would need to recreate them.

Which LEC were you looking at? And what things do you need to move? Please advice

Dylan Darling

I was looking at the 2013. Can you please call me on Monday. I have some questions about it that will be easier to discuss via phone. Also, want to pay for the 2 years hosting.

Nicholas Bobenko

Interested in a 2013 LEC. I have a few questions about specific customization needs and possibilities. If someone could reach out it would be appreciated. Thanks

Morgan Carey

Hello Nicholas, I am happy to answer any product related questions here on the blog if you'd like to post them. As for "possibilities" anything is possible! I just needs budget and imagination! :)

Our only 2 main rules with customization:
#1: We don't copy elements from other websites
#2: Customizations must be done by REW (we don't allow 3rd party access to our codebase)

Other than that, we can and will do pretty much anything you would like - just let us know what it is, and we will give you an estimate :)


Hi Morgan,

Please sign me up for 2 years hosting for both my sites (previewochomes and orangecountywaterfronthomes) and 10 hours.

Thanks! Kevin

Nicholas Bobenko

Initial observations as I just came across this yesterday:

1. Can the fields on the home page quick search be altered to include location, min. beds and max price
2. The location field in the quick search appears to pick up cities, subdivisions, addresses, communities, etc. Can anything from the MLS feed be fed into this as a wildcard?
3. Is the community module included with this LEC?
4. For the advanced search I am assuming one can pick and choose the related fields and functionality/order to be used based off the MLS feed?
5. Same as above for listing details in regards to what is shown, how it is grouped and in what order. (I have all of this laid out from my current site and can provide an outline).
6. Would want to add in the "Similar Listings" functionality, a good looking table to be used throughout and the highlighted CTA box to be used throughout. Included or an add on?

Sam Dodd

I would like the Pt3 Re/Max Inspired. Also is there a list of all the modules so I can pick and choose which additional modules I want to add? I would also be willing to add the 2 years prepaid hosting.

Morgan Carey

Hello Sam,

Upgrades are listed here: http://www.realestatewebmasters.com/upgrades/ (note some area already included in premium templates such as IDX, Blog, Featured Listings, Quick Search and some others) - just ask if you are interested in any of them. As for pre-paid hosting at the previous rate - that is only for existing REW users / accounts - new accounts are at the current rate which is listed here: www.realestatewebmasters.com/pricing/

Morgan Carey

Nicholas: Here are your answers :) *Note any custom mod

1: Can you modify the home page quick search to including extra fields? Yes (including your example of beds and baths).

2: Can it be made a "wildcard" yes it could, however there is a real danger in doing this - it would mean a significant performance hit (IDX databases are huge) so might make your site unusable if you searched everything - you might consider limiting it to just very important field (it's supposed to be a "quick search" - that being said, it can be done yes :)

3: Is the featured communities module included in the LEC? I want to say yes. If it's not, then yes for this promo it is :)

4: What gets mapped is standardized (you will have the ability to select from the standardized fields in the backend) but it is not ALL fields and there are no customizations "included" but if there was something you wanted added OR you wanted to display / search in a different way - it would just be a case of a work order.

5: Same answer as above - if you want us to customize the details page, it just takes a work order.

6: Similar listings (and customizations to it) is an add on.

Hope that helps - please let me know if you have additional questions or would like to place an order.

Pete Deininger


Please include me on the 2 years of hosting at the old rate. I was just about to renew for one year when I saw this. But I'll take 2 please! Thanks


I'm on offer overload. I need some additional time to absorb all of the communications mentioned above as this is my first visit to your BLOG. When does the sale end? Thx!!

Morgan Carey

Pete I have sent in your request for 2 years hosting thank you very much!

Morgan Carey

Bill Bisset would love to help you with any questions you have and help you smooth out the overload :) - Promo runs for 12 business days from the time of first post

Nicholas Bobenko

Thanks. Still need info on the highlighted CTA and table to be used throughout? Please send estimate and agreement.

Trace L

Looking to upgrade site and take advantage of the 2yr hosting. Emailed rep (Patrick) to discuss.


Bill, if nothing else, you should absolutely get the IDX sitemap module while the promo is on.
I should also mention that some of your IDX snippets aren't returning results and may need to be reviewed. Example, chandler-chandler.
If you flesh out all of those area pages with unique text, you can really get a lot more organic search traffic to the site over the next few years. The community stats module might help to motivate you to work on those pages, too. Perhaps a niece or office staffer can help?

Morgan Carey

Can you give me examples of what you mean by good looking table and highlighted CTA? (We don't generally use tables, but I think I know what you mean) Check out 2013.rewlec.com - in the body content area there is a 3 column layout for links - that's a feature CTA (like table but uses divs) is that what you mean? That is included.


Morgan, I know years ago some clients were requesting custom colors, my question is for a premium 1 template could someone combine the color attributes from 2 different ones ie chose Sotheby's inspired and instead of the dark grey that goes on the nav, community div, call to actions, borders in the listings, etc etc it could use the ones that are on the Blue template. Curious if thats simple, a big work order or just not available to us to change.

Nicholas Bobenko

Yes, thank you

Morgan Carey

MikeNY - Of course you can order a custom color scheme, estimate is typically 5-10 hours depending on how finicky a customer is being :)

Morgan Carey

Kevin (preview OC) I have sent your order into billing@ thank you :)

Morgan Carey

Nicholas - What area are you in, I need to check on availability of LEC 2013 for you. Also I will need to get your contact details (please email them to morgan @ realetatewebmasters.com in order to send you paperwork. Cheers

Morgan Carey

Looks like you are area code 443 Nicholas, are you Baltimore?

Dennis Pease

Hey Morgan,

I've been emailing back and forth with Niki and I want to post on here that I want to book 10 hours prepaid for my new upgraded site. Thank you!

Morgan Carey

Niki mentioned he would take of this for you today Dennis - hope things are great - Happy Thanksgiving!

Lina Horner

Hi guys,

I'd like to buy 10 hours pre-paid.

Thank you!

Morgan Carey

Thank you so much Lina, I have sent your order off to billing and you should have your invoice shortly. Cheers

Gloria Singer

Please hit me up for two years of prepaid hosting for my two sites. Will let you know about anything additional. Thanks!

Morgan Carey

I have sent your order in Gloria, thank you very much!

John Paul Dauber

I would like to buy 10 hrs, pre-pay hosting for 2 years, and also get the API integration that was ordered a month ago implemented (I have Happy Grasshopper, Guaranteed Sale, and BombBomb). Thanks!!!

Morgan Carey

Hello John,
I have sent in your order for 2 years prepaid hosting for http://www.inlandvalleyhomesearch.com as well as 10 hours pre-paid at a discounted rate.

Our records don't show any previous order for the API, but that being said, I have also requested that be implemented on your site, and for them to use the pre-paid hours you just purchased for the project. Don't worry it doesn't take anywhere close to 10 hours to do (you already have 4.3), so you will still have lots of hours left on your account.

You say you have HG, GS and Bomb Bomb accounts already? That's great! I'd love to hear your feedback on the forums on our integrations

Cheers and thank you!

Gloria Singer

I will take the ISA module as well. Thanks.

Morgan Carey

Just like to remind everyone that the promotion ends TODAY! - Orders need to be in and paid ASAP in order to qualify for this promotion. I'll be sending out a blast email to everyone in our database letting them know that if they are in talks already with a sales rep, or have posted a comment in this blog their pricing will be secure as long as their payments are in by next Friday (that will be the absolute cut off for payments) - This is with the exception of anyone attending the REW Summit - folks attending the REW Summit have access to this promotion all the way until Christmas Eve or if anyone is "waiting on us" (say for a big project estimate etc) of course we will honor the pricing if the delay is on our end.
Thanks again everyone!

Elke Babiuk

totally went by the deadline. I need a block of pre-paid hours and would like to take advantage of your hosting sale as well. I have emailed my rep but thought I should put it here as well just in case.

Keith Butler

Have been busy- need upgrades and assistance with site. Per email, commenting on Blog to lock in promo rates. Email states "As long as you have made a comment on my blog here.." Need to lock down what changes are needed next week.

R Wall

Can my rewidx be locked in at $25. for 12 months?

Heather Rand

Please add me to the extension on the deal...we've had your deadline on our calendar but have been slam busy!

Morgan Carey

Hello Folks, I have everyone noted here as getting the extension into next week (orders in by next Friday) - Can you let me know what you need so I can get it in for you?

Morgan Carey

R Wall - REWIDX.com is a totally different product lineup than what is referenced here - but yes, if you want to pre-pay for your IDX, your rate would be guaranteed for the amount of time you pre-paid for.

Debbie Railey

Please contact me about your year-end special.

Greg Geilman

Please sign me up for 2 years pre-paid hosting for southbayresidential.com. Thx.

Kenneth Cox

Thanks Morgan...just noticed your response from a month ago...everything is squared away on 2 year hosting. "to start" meant I was still considing purchasing more hours for pending/future custom work. btw, Matt E and Matt T have done a great job on recent custom projects!

Yolonda King

Do you have any LECs available in Houston TX?

Ashley McDonald

I received my invoice for 2-yrs of hosting on the evening of Dec. 17 but noticed and error and had a question. I followed-up with an e-mail to sales on the morning of Dec. 18 but heard nothing back. Knowing that was Christmas week and many people were likely on vacation, I waited but then followed up again the next week (Dec. 26) but again heard nothing back. I then followed up again last week (Jan 3), which I realize was New Year's week, but again I have still heard nothing back. I didn't want to be pushy over the holidays and I'm certainly not chomping at the bit to pay a bill, but I also don't want to lose out on the discount due to this either. Can someone please look into it and contact me - Thanks. Invoice #219256


Hi Ashley, the most recent email I can see to sales@ was your Dec13 one - are you sure you emailed Sales and not Billing? If you are waiting on a response from Billing:
a) This will not affect your eligibility for the promo rate
b) You should not feel bad about sending yet another followup email - Billing is super busy right now and they have a lot of new staff - every instance of followup is appreciated.

Ashey McDonald

Hi Gerry-
You are correct, I did send the emails to billing instead of sales. Sorry for the confusion.
Thanks for your response and I will just wait on billing to respond. As I said, I'm not anxious to pay the bill, just didn't want to miss out on the deal. Thanks again! :)

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