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3 Simple Time-Saving Uses for ChatGPT in Real Estate

Learn about some easy everyday tasks in the real estate business that you can do with AI

In the competitive world of real estate, clients are increasingly expecting more service at a quicker pace, with real estate professionals constantly looking for ways to streamline their workflow and save time.

Staying ahead of the curve on new technology is vital to meeting this challenge, which is where the latest generation of AI-powered writing tools like ChatGPT come into play. ChatGPT is an advanced chatbot with the ability to generate human-like text, making it well-suited for automating day-to-day writing tasks.

And best of all, it’s free!

So, here are three simple ways that real estate agents are using ChatGPT to make their daily workflow faster and easier:

Writing Property Listings

It’s no secret that writing property listings can feel like one of the most time-consuming tasks for real estate agents. 

With the help of an AI-powered chatbot like ChatGPT, agents can quickly and easily create professional, high-quality listing descriptions. Simply provide ChatGPT with all the necessary information about a property and let it take care of the rest, writing a professional-looking listing in seconds.

Check out this example...

Example of ChatGPT generated real estate listing

It may not be winning any literary awards, but the important thing is that it’s fast and it works.

And, you can use the time saved to either work on something else, or spend some of it making the listing truly great.

To get the most out of ChatGPT, follow these steps:

  • Be specific - While it may be fun to give ChatGPT an open-ended prompt just to see where it goes, if you really want to save time and get effective results, tell it exactly what you’re writing, the context, purpose, and any relevant details you want included.
  • Iterate - ChatGPT is set up like a chatbot, so have a conversation! If the result isn’t quite what you want, tell it to try again and suggest the modifications you want made.
  • Fact check - ChatGPT has a tendency to confidently make up “facts” as it goes. You’ll notice in the example above, we didn’t say anything about the bathrooms being “updated”, but ChatGPT added it anyway. That may not be accurate, so it’s always best to check.

Thanks to its ability to understand requests and take-in suggestions, learning to get the most out of ChatGPT doesn’t take a lot of time. With a small amount of practice, you can ensure that every listing is written to consistently high standards with minimal effort.

Composing Emails

Following up with leads is a crucial part of any real estate agent's daily workflow, but it can be a challenge to keep up with writing all of the messages and emails in a timely way.

ChatGPT can craft personalized, professional correspondence in seconds and for just about any purpose you can think of.

For example, if you want to compose a lead-followup email, simply input some basic information about the lead and let it compose a well-written email that you can then tailor to their specific needs and interests.

Here are some tips for writing emails using ChatGPT:

  • People can spot impersonal email templates a mile away, so either give ChatGPT the personal details you want included in the email or make sure to add them yourself.
  • Mix and match! Ask ChatGPT to generate a number of examples, then just take what you like from each of them to convey the right message.
  • Perhaps you want an email that’s more friendly and upbeat, or perhaps you need one that’s more formal and professional. Try using different suggestions regarding style or tone.

One of the many exciting features of ChatGPT is that it is (usually) pretty good at understanding a wide variety of feedback and requests. You can even have some fun asking it to write emails in different styles, like a 19th century poet or a tech-savvy zoomer.

Start experimenting with ChatGPT and you’re likely to come up with some surprising new uses!

Creating Social Media Posts

As a real estate agent, you know that a strong online presence is key to reaching potential clients and showcasing your listings.

AI-tools like ChatGPT can help you streamline your social media strategy by generating content ideas and composing captions and posts, complete with emojis and hashtags.

Need an Instagram post promoting an upcoming house showing? Check out the example we generated below with minimal input...

An example of ChatGPT generated Instagram post for real estate

You can make it as specific or as general as you want. As you can see in the example above, ChatGPT filled in a lot of information to complete the post. However, if you want more control, simply provide the AI with more limited tasks, such as:

  • Ask ChatGPT to suggest the most relevant hashtags to include in your post.
  • Get a selection of post titles or headings and pick the one you like the most.
  • Request some ideas for creative and engaging posts that you can then create yourself.

Whether you need writing inspiration, optimized titles and keywords, or just a few new ideas, ChatGPT can be a valuable tool in your social media arsenal.

Using AI-Generated Content for SEO: A Warning

While there are many potential uses for ChatGPT in the real estate industry, it is important to be mindful of Google's stance towards AI-generated content. If you are hoping to rank your content for SEO purposes, it is best to avoid relying too heavily on AI-generated content, as Google may penalize you for it.

To ensure that your content remains in compliance with Google's search engine guidelines, it's recommended to add your own unique perspective and work to any AI-generated content before publishing. As always, the primary goal should be to create high-quality, unique content that provides value to readers.

So, if you are planning on using AI to help with your writing or to generate content for your website or marketing, it is important to carefully review and edit before publishing and make sure that the work aligns with your brand and voice.

Ultimately, the key to successfully using ChatGPT and other AI tools is to use them to assist you in your work and not to take it over entirely.

Interested in learning more about AI in real estate marketing? Head on over to our forums to read more and get involved in the discussion.

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