5 Reasons You Should Be Using Single Property Websites


write real estate adsBefore we dive into why you should be using single property websites, let's clearly define what they are.

Just like the name implies, a single property website is a site dedicated to a specific property. It's defining characteristic is the site's unique URL, typically the same as the property's address.

How do you go about creating a single property website?

Well, you have two options. First, you can create a whole new website for each listing, which is often costly, time-consuming, and involves a steep learning curve. Or, you can opt for a subdomain or a single-property listing page on your main site.

So, why should you be using single property websites as a part of your marketing strategy?

Win More Listings

It's safe to say that the majority of our population is social media savvy, but very few are capable of coding a website on their own.

When you use a single property website during your listing presentation, you're doing more than showing your clients that you're going to go the extra mile to sell their home, you're also showcasing your digital marketing skills. 

While you'll enjoy the analytics, click through rates, and lead conversions that come from using a single property site, your clients will see a pretty, flashy website that's designed just for them. 

Impress Homebuyers

For the same reason that homeowners love single property websites, homebuyers are often drawn in because they indicate that the property is special.  and they typically can gather more information and a better feel for the property that a typical listing.

Homebuyers interested in your single property site often higher quality leads and share similar characteristics with the sellers. Because you can provide more details and visuals than available on a typical listing, interested buyers already have a good idea as to whether this property is going to be a good fit for them when they contact you, making it easier to close the deal. 

Creative Freedom

Because you own the space, you have total creative freedom to showcase the property, providing better exposure for you, in addition to the listing. Ultimately, you can completely control in the aesthetics, zooming capabilities for images, virtual tours, interactive maps, and creating unique content for the page.

A Must For New Developments

If you're working with developers, having a single property website for each new property is often a non-negotiable feature. The goal is to try and sell as many properties as possible before the building is completed. When you create a single property website, you're going to have better luck competing for the buildings address that the region it's located in. Another perk to development-specific sites is they have been known to generate leads years after the building is complete. 

Improve Your Main Site's Domain Authority

If you're opting to use a subdomain for a single property, you can actually improve your site's domain authority by increasing the amount of traffic directed to that page and keeping users on your page for longer.

If you decide to create a truly unique URL for the property, you can still reap the benefits on by linking back to your main site. You may not realize it, but Google and other search engines consider the number of relevant links pointing to your site when deciding your site's domain authority. The more links you have that are related to your industry, the better your site's will perform in the search engine result's page.

In today's competitive real estate market, it's clear that using single property websites will help you win more listings and improve your online business. The biggest decision you'll have to make now is whether you should opt for a single website or use a subdomain on your current site.

Our newest site, Vision, is designed to make this decision easier for you. Vision's enhanced listings option allows you to easily create a single property website for each listing, helping you to win more listing while still being able to take advantage of your site's lead capture, CRM integration, and retargeting setup.

If you want to learn more about single property website or to see a demo of single property websites with Vision, get in touch with us today!


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Bryn Kaufman

I wonder how important this would be. If really important what would stop someone from creating 100 sites just to link to their domain.

It makes me wonder if Google has any type of algorithm to catch this type of thing so they are not scammed.

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