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Posted by Real Estate Webmasters on Thursday, December 14th, 2017 at 8:57am.

A great website and strong online presence has become a base expectation for today's real estate agents. Many franchises and brokerages are helping their agents meet that expectation by providing basic websites, and we're seeing some major brands do an increasingly better job of this.

Yet, there comes a time for every real estate agent when they need to step away from the generic offerings, venture out into the digital world, and create a website of their very own. In this post, we're going to talk about the few telltale signs that it's time for your own real estate website.

#1: Your website isn't giving you the control you want

If you want to make changes to your content—share your story, show off listings, or otherwise elevate your online presence, and your existing website is restricting your ability to do that, it's time to get your own site.

Brokerage and franchise sites are meant to meet the needs of as many of their agents as possible, but that doesn't always mean your unique needs are being met. Having your own website gives you the flexibility and freedom to do exactly what you want with your site.

#2: You aren't getting enough leads for your ambition

If you aren't getting all the leads you want from your team, it's time to take your destiny into your own hands! Every agent's workflow ebbs and flows but if you're hitting dry spells, it's time to amp up your own lead generation. Having an independent site allows you to take full control of your digital marketing, drive leads straight to your inbox, and ensure any money you invest comes right back to you.

#3: You have extensive niche or local real estate knowledge

Real estate agents who are champions of their specialty need the opportunity to show it off! People are looking for real estate agents who are highly knowledgeable and can provide expertise above and beyond what they can find themselves. Having your own website allows you to show off your expertise in an efficient way online, where your potential clients are already looking.

As you fill up your website with this niche or local knowledge, you're also building online authority. With a little SEO effort sprinkled in, you can use your existing expertise to attract new visitors and leads to your own site.

#4: You're growing & building your own brand

Franchise and broker sites are great for reinforcing their brand, but what about your own? Agents with growing business have their own brand that they need to create and develop, without being overshadowed by the franchise brand. Remember, it's your personal brand that makes a client choose you over the agent in the office next door. If you're growing that real estate brand, you need a site that will reflect who you are and show potential clients what sets you apart.

#5: You're planning your future success

Last but not least, you need your own website when you're planning to be highly successful in the future. Having your own site means that it belongs to you—not your broker—and that ownership is a powerful thing. It means you get to keep the brand, digital marketing, and leads you've built up, regardless of what your next move is. Owning your site is a smart contingency plan that protects your future.

When it's time, it's time...

At the end of the day, we find agents are ready for their own sites once they've become established in their local market. This is the time when agents transition into growth planning and begin to invest in savvy strategies to build up their business. A website becomes the foundation for this growth and helps agents fuel their success.

If you're in a position where you're ready to become more profitable and take your real estate business to the next level, it's time for your own website.

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