5 Simple Follow-Up Steps to Secure More Leads

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Securing leads isn't just about successfully encouraging them to fill out a contact form—it's about connecting and guiding potential clients through the decision-making process. With so many agents vying for the same prospects, your follow-up strategy can make or break your success. That's why it's crucial to have a streamlined, effective process to stay top-of-mind with your leads. In this blog, we'll delve into five simple yet effective follow-up steps that can help you convert more leads into loyal clients.

Convert Leads With These Steps

Lead follow-up should not be complicated. Follow these easy steps to make sure no lead gets overlooked:

  • Step 1: Call Immediately - Make It a Priority: When a new lead comes in, your top priority should be to call them within the first five minutes. This immediate response shows your dedication and eagerness to assist, which can make a significant impression on potential clients. Speed is crucial because the chances of connecting with a lead decrease significantly as time passes. Use a proven action plan to guide your communication, ensuring that your message is clear, concise, and compelling.
  • Step 2: Check Outstanding Reminders for Follow-Up: Before diving into new non-urgent tasks, review any outstanding reminders or commitments. This includes calls, scheduled meetings, or any follow-up actions you promised to existing leads. Keeping your commitments not only builds trust but also ensures that you don’t miss any opportunities to convert a lead into a client.
  • Step 3: Follow Your Action Plan: Your action plan is your roadmap for engaging and converting leads. It’s a systematic framework that outlines the frequency and content of your communications, whether it's calls, emails, texts, or creating saved searches. Adhering to this plan daily ensures that no lead is missed. You can create a personalized action plan using REW CRM or adopt our recommended action plan.
  • Step 4: Keep Your Task List Updated: Ensure your task list is up-to-date by either completing or dismissing tasks. Only dismiss tasks if the lead's contact information is incorrect, you've already made contact, or if the lead has given specific instructions. Keeping your list properly groomed helps maintain focus and efficiency. Remember, if a lead hasn’t been contacted yet, their task should not be dismissed.
  • Step 5: Engage with Recently Active Leads: Check your list of leads who have been active in the last five days. Reach out to those who aren’t brand new or haven’t yet been followed up on. If you have extra time, expand your search to leads active in the last 10 or even 30 days. Engaging with recently active leads increases your chances of conversion since they have shown recent interest. Utilize REW CRM to filter and create smart lists for better organization, and use quick notes to keep track of your interactions.

Regularly review your activities to ensure you haven't missed any leads. It’s easy for a few to slip through the cracks, especially when you’re busy. Establishing a system to catch these slips is essential for maintaining a consistent follow-up routine. By implementing these five steps into your daily routine, you'll enhance your follow-up strategy, making it more effective and efficient. 

Reminders on REW CRM ensure agents are on top of their game.

Leverage REW CRM

Leveraging REW CRM in your lead follow-up process can significantly enhance your efficiency and effectiveness. With REW CRM, you can create comprehensive action plans tailored to your specific follow-up strategy, ensuring you never miss a crucial touchpoint. Task reminders help keep you on track with commitments, while the system's filters allow you to create smart lists that categorize leads based on their activity and engagement. 

The quick notes features enable you to record essential details about each interaction, providing you with important information for follow-up communications. Additionally, REW CRM allows you to track and review client activities on your website, as well as group them based on your chosen categories. This holistic approach ensures you stay organized, responsive, and informed, ultimately increasing your chances of converting leads into satisfied clients.

REW CRM is equipped with tools for streamlining lead management and communication.

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Lead Follow-Up FAQ

Why is calling a new lead immediately important?

Calling a new lead within the first five minutes shows your dedication and eagerness to assist, making a significant impression and increasing the chances of connecting with the lead before they lose interest.

How can an action plan help in converting leads?

An action plan provides a systematic framework for engaging leads, outlining the frequency and content of communications (calls, emails, texts). Following this plan daily ensures no lead is overlooked, enhancing the effectiveness of your follow-up strategy.

How can REW CRM enhance my follow-up process?

REW CRM helps create comprehensive action plans, set task reminders, and organize leads through smart lists based on activity and engagement. The quick notes feature allows you to record interaction details, providing valuable information for follow-up communications.

What benefits does attending the REW Summit offer?

Attending REW Summit in Nashville on June 20-21 provides valuable insights and strategies for lead conversion from industry experts. It’s an opportunity to network with peers, learn about the latest trends, and discover tools to maximize your efficiency and effectiveness. Plus, you get to enjoy the vibrant culture of Nashville!

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