6 more Vision sites to inspire your next design


REW clients have a knack for blowing us away with their creativity and design, and their adaptations of our sites rarely disappoint. When the first three Vision sites went live towards the end of 2017, we were thrilled to share them with you. It's been about four months since those first sites launched and it's exciting to see what our clients have managed to do in the meantime. 

In fact, we're going to be featuring gorgeous client websites all week—starting today with Vision, and then the Fredrik and Barbara websites later this week. It's our hope that others will be inspired by the high caliber execution our clients have demonstrated in these sites.

Without further ado, here are 6 beautiful Vision sites to help inspire your new website design.


One of the major themes you're going to see in all the sites that we're sharing is their ability to harness their communities natural beauty and intrigue. FourSeasonsRealty.com is the first phenomenal example of this, using a vibrant home page video and carefully curated photos to truly captivate visitors. Also, check out the creative use of headline positioning on the home page to create an interesting aesthetic that's still easy to navigate and understand.

FourSeasonsRealty.comExplore FourSeasonsRealty.com



C21Atria.com does a fantastic job of creating a site that's highly visual, balancing imagery and heavy blocks of text with expert skill. The home page makes an instant impression with one of the best Toronto photos I've ever seen, followed by bright and cheerful community images that make the site easy to navigate right from the start. The skyline icons that separate each section on the home page also make an instant impression and is a simple yet effective design trend we're only just starting to see Realtors use more of. Note how the site puts real estate at the forefront of every page, making it easy for visitors to find the properties that likely brought them to the site in the first place.C21Atria.comExplore C21Atria.com



RE/MAX Gold instantly stands out from their competition with a beautiful HD video and high-quality photos throughout the site. Custom header images can be found on the Buyers and Sellers pages, and employing the cover photo template on secondary pages like New Homes in El Dorado adds an extra level of "wow" to those pages. The site also uses the GreatSchools embed quite well to add additional value for users.NorcalHomesOnline.comExplore NorCalHomesOnline.com



One of our favorite things about the Vision is its ability to immediately transport visitors into another place and PrecisionHomeGroup.com does exactly that. You arrive in a winter wonderland the second you hit the home page, and the snowcapped mountains in the video practically beckon you to explore. We also love how Precision Home Group set up their featured community module as a work of art, just like the multi-canvas photos you see hung in living rooms. It's such a creative way to display communities and instantly adds to the vibe of the site.PrecisionHomeGroup.comExplore PrecisionHomeGroup.com



Platinum Idaho put together a gorgeous site, taking full advantage of the built-in modules. Check out the featured communities, which include professional photographs, descriptive buzzwords, and intro text to captivate visitors and make navigation a breeze. Then, take a look at their use of the featured agents module, complete with full bios and contact information. And, of course, that homepage video does an excellent job of sharing beautiful scenery from the Boise area.PlatinumIdaho.netExplore PlatinumIdaho.net



The Hancock Group has done a phenomenal job of showing off Chicago and a few of its prime neighborhoods. This site is a great example of how rich and complete a site can look, particularly when time is taken to fill out communities with high-quality photos and local information. Be sure to also check out how the Buying and Selling categories have been combined under a "Resources" tab, simplifying the navigation and resulting in a cleaner overall look.SearchChicagoRealEstate.comExplore SearchChicagoRealEstate.com


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