A Closer Look: An Effective Action Plan For Lead Conversion

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A REW CRM feature, action plans are more than just schedules or reminders, they're roadmaps to engaging and converting leads. They are an agent's best ally, providing them a strategic framework of tasks that need to be done to engage with leads efficiently and promptly. From making timely phone calls and crafting engaging emails to assigning tailored saved searches, action plans cover every aspect of lead engagement. In this blog, we will delve into a sample effective action plan designed to convert new leads.

Why Set Up An Action Plan?

Think about it: accountability, efficiency, and consistency are the name of the game in this industry. With action plans, you've got all three wrapped up in one neat package. When you have a plan, you know exactly what needs to be done and when. This holds you accountable and leaves no room for things slipping through the cracks.

Action plans simplify workload by allowing you to apply them to leads captured from any selected form submissions. This streamlined system saves agents time and ensures that all new leads receive prompt attention. With a system already in place, you're not reinventing the wheel each time a new lead comes in, you've already got a proven roadmap. No more wasted time or missed opportunities—just streamlined implementation and a clear path to conversion.

The Action Plan feature in REW CRM.

Example Action Plan

Let's delve into a highly effective action plan based on the strategy of renowned real estate coach and REW Summit speaker, AJ Hazzi. AJ's action plan, proven effective, is utilized by his team at Vantage West Realty. This sample action plan kicks into gear once a new lead is received from your chosen form submissions. Here's a breakdown of the tasks involved:

Day 1

  • Accept or Reject Lead: Verify the legitimacy of the lead.
  • Double Call: Attempt to reach the lead by calling. If there's no answer, promptly call again and leave a voicemail with your introduction.
  • First Text: If the texting module is enabled in your REW CRM, you can send a first text message through the platform.
  • Automated Email: You can set up an automated email using REW CRM to follow up on the lead's inquiry.
  • Follow-up Call: Later in the day, make a follow-up call, ensuring persistent engagement.
  • Review Listing and Create Saved Search: Review the lead's viewed listings and create a saved search in REW CRM to provide similar listings for the lead's consideration.
  • Leave a Quick Note: Leave a quick note in REW CRM to document your last action or update.

Day 3

  • Personalized Email: Send an email to the lead inquiring about their experience receiving listings.
  • Call with Voicemail: Make another attempt to connect with the lead, leaving a voicemail if necessary.
  • Personalize Text: Send a personalized text message to maintain communication.

Day 5 

  • Double Call: Make another attempt to reach the lead via a double-call strategy.
  • Email: Maintain communication through email to keep the lead engaged.

Day 7

  • Final Call with Voicemail: Make a final attempt to connect with the lead 
  • Final Email: Send a final email, wrapping up communication but letting the lead know you are still available if they need support.
  • Final Review and Add to Nurture Campaign: Conduct a final review and add the lead to a nurture campaign if they remain unresponsive.

Note that tasks are intentionally skipped on days 2, 4, and 6. This deliberate approach prevents overwhelming the lead while also allowing agents the time to nurture other older leads. Of course, this action plan is flexible. Teams can revise it based on what works best for their specific processes and objectives.

If a lead remains unresponsive after 7 days, it's time to categorize them into the nurture category, acknowledging efforts made and shifting focus to other prospects.

A sample action plan that promotes conversion.

Swift Lead Follow-Up

Immediately following up on new leads is paramount to successful conversion. The first interaction sets the tone for the entire relationship, and prompt follow-up demonstrates professionalism, responsiveness, and commitment. With so many options in the market, delayed responses can lead to missed opportunities. By promptly engaging with new leads, agents increase their chances of converting them into clients and convey a sense of dedication and reliability, building trust from the outset. 

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Action Plans FAQ

What exactly are action plans in REW CRM?

Action plans in REW CRM are comprehensive frameworks of tasks designed to engage and convert leads effectively. They encompass various actions such as making calls, sending emails, and creating saved searches, providing agents with a strategic roadmap for lead engagement.

Why should I bother setting up an action plan?

Setting up an action plan offers accountability, efficiency, and consistency in lead management. With a clear plan in place, agents know precisely what needs to be done and when, reducing the likelihood of tasks slipping through the cracks and ensuring prompt attention to new leads.

Where can I learn more about lead management strategies like these?

You can gain further insights and strategies by attending events like the REW Summit, where industry experts like AJ Hazzi share their expertise. Additionally, taking advantage of the special discounts offered to upgrade your tools and save money in the process.

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