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Meet Carly Carey, a formidable presence in the real estate industry, a top-tier agent, and the esteemed wife of our CEO, Morgan Carey. With unwavering dedication and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Carly has dedicated countless hours to nurturing her network and perfecting her craft as a solo agent. Now, her journey takes an exciting turn as she assumes the helm of her own team.

Alongside her newfound leadership role, Carly reveals her latest achievement: a revamped website, meticulously designed and optimized to the fullest for lead generation and conversion. This website makeover embodies Carly's commitment to staying ahead of the curve and delivering unparalleled service to her clients.

Carly Carey, top Nanaimo real estate agent and wife of our CEO, Morgan Carey.

Website Redesign

Step into the future with Carly Carey's newly revamped website for 2024. While maintaining the powerful features of our Renaissance platform, Carly's website is now also equipped with modern enhancements to elevate her online presence. Explore insightful data into Carly's offerings through a statistics bar, showcasing key information such as sales volume and number of buyers in her database. A sliding fold featuring glowing testimonials was also added on the homepage, providing a firsthand glimpse into the unparalleled level of service provided to clients.

Visitors can immerse themselves in the integrated video deck, showcasing the unique charm of Carly's listings. With a fresh facelift makeover, every website detail reflects Carly's refined brand. Whether leads are searching for their dream home or exploring investment opportunities, Carly's redesigned and upgraded website can provide an engaging online experience, solidifying Carly's position as a market leader.

Homepage of Carly Carey's revamped website, featuring an updated layout and an eye-catching statistics bar.

Enjoy Discounted Hours

If you haven't heard about it yet, we recently launched a demand-based pricing discounted hours promo– a golden opportunity to revamp your website easily! With this promotion, you can leverage Carly's website's expertise by copying its code, design, and compelling calls-to-action. This service, estimated to require approximately 50 hours, translates into significant savings compared to the hundreds of collective hours typically spent on starting from scratch. Plus, with the promo, you'll enjoy even further discounted hours, making it the perfect time to invest in your website revamp.

The benefits don't stop there. Clients can avail of other professional services, which were also implemented on Carly's new site. From Web Performance Optimization (WPO) to ensure lightning-fast loading times and optimal site performance to an in-depth SEO review to boost online visibility and competitiveness, our experts are here to fine-tune every aspect of our client's websites.

Agents looking to enhance their website's IDX capabilities or transition to the latest Renaissance version: the time to act is now. Seize this opportunity before it slips away, as discounted hours are limited. Don't miss out on this limited-time opportunity to transform your online presence and unlock your website's full potential. Contact us or your Account Manager today to get started.

Avail the promotion on the WPO service and score 100 across all of PageSpeed Insights categories, just like Carly Carey's website.

Looking Forward  

Looking ahead, the future holds immense promise for Carly Carey and her team. With her expertise and the support of Real Estate Webmasters, they are poised to make significant strides in dominating the market. Carly's journey not only represents a personal milestone but also provides invaluable insights for us. Her firsthand experience offers real-world data that will enhance our services and products, better addressing the needs of agents and teams. By analyzing Carly's experiences, we gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by real estate professionals, enabling us to create innovative solutions to help them achieve their goals more efficiently. The future is bright, and we can't wait for you to join us!

Carly Carey's IDX integration with new custom fields.


Now is the perfect time to give your real estate website a makeover and take advantage of our limited-time promotional offer. Despite market fluctuations, numerous opportunities exist for those willing to seize them. By taking proactive steps instead of waiting passively, you position yourself for success. Join Carley Carey in embracing this opportunity to enhance your online presence and gain an edge in this competitive market.

Carly Carey's Website FAQ

What makes Carly Carey's website unique?

Carly Carey's website is distinguished by its tailored design and optimization for lead generation. It features modern enhancements such as a statistics bar, glowing testimonials, and an integrated video deck for an immersive experience.

How can I benefit from Carly's new website launch?

Our demand-based pricing discounted hours promo allows you to replicate Carly's website's success with significant savings.

Can I customize Carly Carey's website design to reflect my brand identity?

Absolutely! While we offer the option to copy Carly's website design, we understand the importance of maintaining your unique brand identity. Our team can work with you to customize the design elements and calls-to-action to align with your branding and preferences.

How long will the discounted hours promo last?

The duration of the discounted hours promo is limited and dependent on the level of our inventory. Contact us or your Account Manager to discuss your website revamp needs and secure your discounted hours before the promo ends.

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