A Guide to Leveraging REW CRM's Saved Search Feature

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REW CRM's Saved Search function is a tool that every real estate professional should leverage to its fullest potential. Not only does it facilitate engagement with clients, but it also ensures that agents remain top-of-mind in their audience's consideration. By utilizing this feature effectively, agents can consistently provide value to their clients, fostering stronger relationships and enhancing their reputation as trusted advisors.

Setting Up Saved Search

Setting up Saved Search in REW CRM offers real estate professionals flexibility and efficiency, with three methods to cater to agents' and clients' preferences. The first approach involves manual setup for each lead, accessible through the lead summary page. Here, agents navigate to the Listings section and utilize the "Create Saved Search" button to input specific criteria such as property type, price range, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Alternatively, agents can opt for auto-generated saved searches, initiated from the settings menu. By enabling this feature, REW CRM automatically generates saved searches for leads after they've viewed three listings.

Finally, users can take matters into their own hands by setting up saved searches directly from the front end. Users can input their desired criteria—from property type to location and beyond—while customizing notification settings according to their preferences. Whether through manual intervention, automated processes, or user-initiated actions, REW CRM provides the tools necessary for real estate professionals to manage leads effectively and deliver personalized service.

Manually setting up the Saved Search feature with one of the leads in REW CRM.

Customizing with REW CRM

In REW CRM, real estate professionals have the opportunity to customize the Saved Search function to align with their branding and communication preferences. This level of customization spans various aspects, starting with the ability to personalize sender information and integrate their logo into the search engine emails. A customized message can also be added before the listings to enable a more tailored outreach. 

Customizing the subject line allows agents to entice recipients to open the email. Agents can also control the number of rows of listings displayed in the emails, optimizing readability and relevance. Moreover, there is an option to include the agent's bio and their social media accounts to encourage further engagement. By leveraging these customization options, real estate professionals can enhance the effectiveness of their search engine emails, ultimately driving greater engagement and conversions.

A customized message included before the suggested property listings.

Saved Search Benefits 

Saved Search in REW CRM enables clients to receive timely updates on listings that match their criteria, keeping them actively engaged and invested in their search. This cultivates stronger relationships and showcases the agent's commitment to delivering an exceptional and personalized service. Furthermore, the ability to provide clients with up-to-date listings establishes the agent's authority and expertise.

Saved search significantly contributes to boosting customer satisfaction and driving conversions. By delivering relevant listings tailored to each client's preferences, agents can ensure clients feel supported throughout their property search journey. This proactive approach increases client satisfaction and enhances the likelihood of converting leads into clients.

Personalized Saved Search emails on display, contributing to the cultivation of strong relationships.


Beyond providing mere convenience, Saved Search represents a proactive approach to anticipating and meeting client needs. Utilizing this feature isn't just about finding properties, they're about fostering solid relationships that will lead to trust and long-term loyalty.

Saved Searches FAQ

Why should real estate professionals leverage REW CRM's Saved Search function?

Utilizing the Saved Search function ensures active engagement with clients and keeps agents top-of-mind, fostering stronger relationships and enhancing their reputation as trusted advisors.

How can I set up Saved Search in REW CRM?

There are three methods: manual setup for each lead via the lead summary page, auto-generated saved searches after a lead has viewed three listings, and user-initiated setup directly from the front end of the platform.

What customization are available for REW CRM's Saved Search function?

Users can personalize sender information, integrate their logo, add a personalized message before listings, customize subject lines, control the number of rows of listings displayed, include agent bios and social media account.

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