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REW’s second spring release is here! I hope you are seeing our commitment to regular platform updates as we continue to introduce changes every month. Our product development team has also been busy preparing for the launch of the latest REW website platform. 

We’ll have more news to share about this feature-rich design in the near future, while we’re working hard to bring you enhancements and fixes to your REW apps, the REW CRM platform, and the Vision template.

Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from this update:

REW Leads App

For our Android users, the introduction of Lead Reminders to the REW Leads App is big news. This feature works together with the calendar in the REW CRM to allow you to add, set, and receive notifications about important tasks for a lead on your Android device. Look for the orange bell icon when you browse the Leads, Inbox, and Lead Details screens, where you’ll be able to see any upcoming, overdue, or completed reminders associated with a particular lead.

Not only is this a great way for agents to manage leads, it means the Android App experience is now on par with the iOS version, so it’s easy to switch between devices.

Download REW Leads App on the Google Play Store and on the Apple App Store


Our mobile team has also added improvements and fixes to the recently relaunched REW IDX Apps, including 19 enhancements and 23 bug fixes.

If you haven’t had a chance to take a look at the newly streamlined app, you definitely should. A REW IDX App allows you to quickly and easily create a branded app for your business. Buyers and sellers in your market can then see active listings on their phone or tablet, and they can access many of the same great features as found on your REW website. The REW IDX App even includes mobile-exclusive additions, like push notifications that will alert users to new listings.

Check out the REW IDX App page to read more about it.

REW CRM & Vision Template

We’ve heard your requests. The latest release closed 63 different tickets with Vision and the REW CRM, including a number of important enhancements, resolutions to client-facing issues, and fixes for a few of those annoying bugs. All updates, minor or major, are prioritized with your feedback in mind and focus on the functionalities that enable your business.

Here are the more notable updates:

  • Text-wrapping on the Vision is now supported on Firefox and Safari.
  • Slideshows, videos, and 360 images on the Vision’s enhanced listings have been optimized to ensure speedier page load times.
  • MLS board logos now include alt attributes, improving compliance with SEO tools like SEMrush.
  • The unsubscribe capability on CC’d saved search emails is only available to the lead. This prevents CC’d individuals from accidentally unsubscribing the lead from receiving future updates on requested listings.
  • Agents no longer have permission to email all leads as a default setting.

There are some exciting developments you’ve asked for in the upcoming months, so we’re tackling many incremental improvements now to make sure we’re ready to implement some bold new features. Keep watching our blog for more...


If you have any questions about this release, please email us at!

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