Article Submission traffic and rankings anyone?


Submitting articles to the web for public consumption and distribution has always been a great idea. There are many benefits to article submission and I would like to touch on a few of them here:

Increased traffic and search engine rankings:

First lets touch base on traffic: There are many article submission website sites out there that have quite a respectable amount of traffic and search engine authority. By submitting articles to these directories, you expose yourself and your business to the visitors of these sites. Also, many of the best ones have so much pagerank and authority on the web, that a well written and optimized article will rank well for many related search engine queries. So if you do a great job writing and optimizing your articles, you will find that you can drive quite a lot of relevant traffic to your website.

It doesn't end there. Many webmasters come to these article submission sites in search of quality content to supplement their own websites. The way the article submission sites are set up, they encourage other webmasters to publish and distribute the submitted content (And the good ones mandate that the signature line complete with link to your website remains in tact.)

So webmasters come to these sites and copy these articles including the signature and place them on their own website for the benefit of their visitors. (No need to write quality articles, when there are plenty available for free on the web right?) - So what ends up happening is these articles travel through the web virally being picked up by more and more websites, typically quite relevant ones, and as their visitors encounter your articles they encounter your link and click over to view what this great author does, and what they have to offer.

So how does this help my rankings? Remember that link that you have in the author signature? Not only is it a way for readers to click through to find out more about the author of this great article they just read, this is a valid back link - (And a one way back link at that!) Now we all know that increasing link popularity is one of the most important things you can do to increase your placement in the search engines. So the higher quality your article, the most people will want to publish said article on their website. And the more people that publish your article (With proper author credit) the more back links you get  pointing to your website.  Pretty simple huh?



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Wayne Long

Morgan, If you submit an article to the article submission directories - should you also include these in your website or does this create a dup content issue?


Great tip Eric

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