Barbara Corcoran Special Edition


It is my distinct pleasure to present our newest Web-Marketing solution ‘The Barbara Corcoran Special Edition’. This design and programming masterpiece is the only one of its kind exclusively endorsed by Barbara Corcoran.
It goes without saying that we have packed this lead generating bad boy solely with industry leading state of the art technology, which will enable you to take your business to the next level.

Let’s look at some of the highlights together.

BRANDING, that’s right! We have listened to Barbara carefully and she taught us a thing or two about the importance of branding and we have implemented this knowledge in our product to pass it on to you. For instance the site is laid out in such a way that our designers can easily implement a high res picture of you paired with a rockin’ quote of yours to build your brand right on the Home Page.


The SEARCH Feature has been prominently placed right below the header, which gives leads the option to conveniently search for inventory whether on their mobile or from any other device. The search bar is included on every page of the website and can be switched on or off by you.


Speaking of mobile devices, this product is as RESPONSIVE as it gets and therefore uber mobile friendly. We have tested all functionalities on every device we could get our hands on (from iOS to Android to BlackBerry) and the experience was always super smooth and very satisfying. Our team made sure that the user experience exceeds even the highest expectations.

Additional branding anyone? Let me introduce you to our easy-to-use PHOTO Feature this little value adder allows for any image to be uploaded, wherever you want them to be. Plus it adds the ability to include a hyperlinked CTA (Call to Action) to display on the image’s bottom left.

Stay in full control in regards to which images are shown when sharing pages to Social Media by using our OPEN GRAPH IMAGE tool.

FLEXIBILITY, as with all of our products, there is no limitation to what can be changed and added either by yourself, by using the user friendly Content Management System or by having our Designers and Programmers work their magic. If you for instance prefer a cleaner look of the Home Page then you can simply switch the CTAs off, or you can turn them on on ANY other page! The beautifully designed CTAs help to showcase your Team, Contact Information, Navigation links and much more for a slick look and experience.

Draw attention and bring emphasis towards the markets you are serving by utilizing our Featured COMMUNITIES tool to create beautiful community Landing –Pages. Show ‘em that you are THE Expert in your market.   

Rock Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Google+ etc. by using our brand new Social Media Slideout to get found and to capture leads PLUS this tool also serves as the dashboard where returning leads can easily sign-in to their profile.

Last but not least, let's talk about SPEED! We have fine tuned this product to the best of our capabilities and we hope that you will enjoy the enhanced speed that comes with it. 

Any Questions? Don’t hesitate to call 1-877-753-9893 or email us



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melissa phelan

I'd like to get a quote on the Barbara Corcoran edition for the Western Massachusetts market area. I'm a new agent so I'll be starting from scratch, but here's the good news, I have none of the baggage commonly associated with "experienced" agents. I have a strong marketing/customer service background from banking and retail. Can you please detail upfront, annual subscriptions, and the estimated PPC/SEO budget necessary to achieve page one placement. I understand regular local optimized content will be necessary and I'm equipped to provide this no less than 3x a week. I'm curious if digital marketing coaching is available during/after launch to maximize performance of the site.

Ashley Heppell

Hi Melissa, I'd be thrilled to share that information with you and learn more about your business. Our services are available both pre and post launch to maximize your site performance and turn your technology investment into a profitable arm of your business. I'd love to connect with you via phone so that we can further discuss your goals and how REW can help you to achieve them. I can be reached at (877) 753-9893 or

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