Basic custom MLS / IDX


A lot of people want to know the difference between our basic custom IDX and a more advanced (More expensive) IDX solution.

Here is a quick breakdown of the basic.

Search Page: allows users to choose bedrooms, baths, sq foot, min / max price, area, property type, you know the basics that all main search pages have.

Listings Page:  This is a list of properties "basic" view which shows a thumbnail of the property and some basic info: Price, Area, Beds, Bath and then a "View Details" button. We typically list 10-15 listings per page and then paginate the rest so that users can click page one, page 2 etc to view more properties.

Details Page: A details page consists of a larger photo (Or multiple photos if they are provided in the feed) as well as description and any other features that the client wants to show (Once again as long as they are in the data feed)

The details page will also have a basic mortgage calculator, and inquiry form, the ability to print the listing "basic html layout"

Skinning: We also skin the layout of the IDX display so that it matches colors etc on the site, however this is not advaned layout, we have a standard REW layout that we use for the basic IDX to reduce cost to the client.

That is it, your basic IDX. There is no mapping, no advanced graphics flash or custom slideshows etc. Now this is not to say that these things are not available because we do them all the time - it is just that extra customizations are billed at our hourly rate above and beyond the standard IDX price.

I hope this clears up a lot of confusion for people - although I think it is common sense, we still get clients that want to pay for the absolute basic IDX (A cost of $1500-2500) and expect us to create a fully customized IDX such as which is packed full of custom features and is WAY more in development time and thus cost. We quote and bill by the hour, if clients want more than what they initially asked for, they need to expect to pay for it.


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