Blogging Best Practices: Seven Simple Tips for Increasing Traffic to Your Blog


I’ve recently come across a lot of helpful expert advice on how to write an effective blog. It only made sense that I would pass on my new found knowledge to you in the form of my favourite best practices.

Tell A Story

Occasional on topic anecdotes will remind readers that even the most professional of blogs are written by a real person. You have to make a connection with your target audience, and by letting your dazzling personality shine through, your audience will expand.

Keep Your Blog Up-To-Date

Consistently adding new blog entries (aim for two a week) will not only keep your readers interested and coming back for more on a regular basis, but it will also help you to appear in search results. If you neglect your blog, Google will begin to ignore it and it will pass you by.

Be An Expert

Readers are constantly asking “what’s in it for me?” Be your audience’s go-to source for education on your area of expertise. Posts that simplify a complicated aspect of your industry and offer tips as well as “how-tos” fare very well with readers in the blogging world.

Post On Other Blogs

Posting a fantastic blog post full of your brightest ideas as a guest on a similar blog is a great way to stir up interest in yours. Inversely, allowing guests to post on your blog is an easy way to get great quality content on your own blog, while freeing up your time to ponder your next epic blog entry.

Know What’s Trending

Spending a few minutes every day monitoring what is happening in real estate will provide you with valuable inspiration to write your next great entry while keeping you current your industry, giving you some much deserved street cred.

Check Your Spelling and Grammar

Spelling and grammar are paramount when it comes to writing a worthy blog. How can your readers perceive you as an expert in anything if you can’t even spell correctly? Spend a few extra moments reviewing and revising your blog post before publishing.

Keep It Short

This is something that I struggle with. Trade the prolific blog posts for short and informative entries. One entry should be 250-400 words. And with that, I will take my own advice and conclude this entry.

Anne Fortin

Marketing & PPC Team Lead
Real Estate Webmasters


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