Boosting Conversions: Enhancing Lead Follow-up with REW CRM

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Every lead represents a potential opportunity waiting to be seized. Whether it's a curious browser on your website or a prospect who attended an open house, it is important to promptly follow up on leads to nurture them into clients. Doing this also demonstrates an agent's dedication and drive to convert and close deals. 

Managing numerous leads can be daunting for many real estate teams. This is where a reliable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software like REW CRM comes into play, streamlining the lead follow-up process and empowering agents to track and manage potential clients.

Agent Workflow

Before diving into a CRM system's setup, establishing a well-defined workflow or sales motion is essential. This step offers clarity on what you aim to accomplish and how you'll navigate the process from initial engagement to successful conversion. While workflows may vary from one agent or team to another, they typically encompass several key stages:

  • Engagement: The first stage involves initiating contact after verifying that the lead is real and worth pursuing.
  • Meeting: Once initial contact is made, the next step is to schedule meetings or consultations to understand the needs and preferences of the leads better.
  • Offering: Following productive meetings, agents present compelling offers or proposals that involve negotiation and discussion of terms.
  • Closing: This encompasses finalizing the transaction, whether it's securing a buyer's purchase agreement or signing a listing agreement with a seller.
  • Nurturing: Not all leads may be ready to convert immediately, which means cultivating relationships through periodic follow-ups.

Establishing a clear workflow fosters accountability and ensures no leads slip through the cracks. A well-defined workflow also serves as a roadmap for setting up REW CRM, allowing you to create groups and smart lists according to your workflow. Additionally, you can set your groups to be global, enabling other team members to access the groups you've created. With these features, you can seamlessly move your leads through different stages, ensuring you're always on top of your game.

REW CRM's lead page displaying the smart lists and group features.

Streamlining Communication

REW CRM simplifies the follow-up process by streamlining communication. With REW CRM, agents have a suite of tools at their fingertips, including email, text messaging, and even a Dialer for calling. This multi-channel communication capability allows agents to reach out to leads using their preferred method, increasing the likelihood of engagement and response. With automation and reminder features available, agents can effortlessly follow up and establish a strong relationship with clients. 

REW CRM enables agents to log detailed notes of their client interactions. Without comprehensive documentation in the CRM, results cannot be measured, hindering the ability to identify strengths and areas for enhancement. By prioritizing measurement and improvement, agents can align their strategies with their goals, fostering continuous growth and success.

A lead's profile showcasing the different communication options.

Engagement Engine

REW CRM features an Engagement Engine, which serves as a guide for effective lead follow-up. It prompts agents to make calls, recommend listings, send emails, and assign an action plan. Additionally, the engine tracks lead activity, from inquiries to saved listings, searches, and subscriptions. This approach enhances efficiency in nurturing leads and guarantees that agents are not overwhelmed with their tasks.  

The Engagement Engine featured on a lead's profile, prompting agents with the next communication step.


Timely and personalized communication can make all the difference in converting leads into loyal clients. REW CRM offers powerful and user-friendly features that help agents easily navigate the complexities of lead management, ensuring that every interaction is meaningful and productive. With REW CRM, you can effortlessly nurture leads and convert potential clients into loyal customers.


How can REW CRM help manage numerous leads?

PPCREW CRM streamlines the lead follow-up process, empowering agents to track and manage potential clients effectively. Its features simplify communication and task management, making it easier to handle a high volume of leads.

What is the significance of establishing an agent workflow?

A well-defined workflow ensures clarity on the steps needed to convert leads into clients. It serves as a roadmap for setting up REW CRM and fosters accountability within the team, preventing leads from slipping through the cracks.

What is the Engagement Engine in REW CRM?

The Engagement Engine serves as a guide for effective lead follow-up, prompting agents to take essential actions such as making calls, recommending listings, and sending emails. It also tracks lead activity, ensuring efficient nurturing and task management.

How does REW CRM streamline communication?

REW CRM offers emailing, text messaging, and a Dialer for calling. Automation and reminder features help agents follow up consistently, while detailed note-taking capabilities ensure thorough documentation of client interactions.

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