Career Spotlight: Brad, Project Manager


Hi Brad! What do you do at REW?project manager brad

Hi! I’m a Project Manager at REW managing some really exciting internal projects. I work with talented group of professionals who deliver top-notch solutions to Real Estate Professionals in the US and Canada.

How does Project Management help an organization?

Project Managers and the Project Manage Office provide varying levels of support and service to many areas of the organization. This includes project management (planning and executing projects of all types and sizes for internal and external clients), resource planning, and creating and maintaining operational processes and standards. REW Project Management provides support for the organization's strategic goals/direction by aligning project teams and objectives.

What are your priorities at REW right now?

REW has been growing so much and right now our top priority is our client. We are focused on ensuring our internal processes, methodology and toolset can scale with the business; allowing us to provide our clients with a very high level of service and the top-notch products they’ve come to expect from REW. Some specific processes we’re looking at include our work-queue management, project execution tools/methodology and our communication standards.

How does this help employees?

We’ve got so many great people working hard at REW! Focusing on the items above will ensure our team has the processes, systems and resources flexible enough to grow with the business; allowing them to complete work in a coordinated, consistent and efficient manner.

And how does it help clients?

REW’s client base will continue to receive amazing products and services. With our focus on client experience, work-queue management, project execution tools/methodology and communication standards our clients can benefit from the same (or even better) personalized service they’ve come to expect.

How does your background working with prison systems help in your job at REW?

I learned a tremendous amount working with corrections agencies in the US and Canada. In particular, there was always a focus on attention to detail and system efficiency. Even small data issues can have big repercussions through the criminal justice process. System efficiency and data entry procedures can impact how long officers are looking at their monitors instead of the facility, resulting in an officer safety issue.

These are important concepts in any industry and I keep them front and center in my position at REW. I’m impressed at the attention to detail exhibited by our teams and the focus on our clients. Ensuring that the user-experience is positive through effective and efficient product and service delivery.

I learned how to embrace new experiences and along with my team-mates push the boundaries of our comfort zone, resulting in some innovative new ideas. In corrections, this was in the form of some exciting jail tours and police ride-alongs!

What are some of the positive changes you're seeing with project management at REW?

There’s many, it’s great to be a part of a flexible and forward thinking Project Management Office! Working alongside great Project Managers, we are constantly reviewing current process to ensure we evolve and grow alongside the rest of the organization. There’s a huge focus on client experience and ensuring we have streamlined and scalable processes and tools.

What does it take to be a great project manager?

I think it’s a combination of many traits, a few are below in no particular order!

  1. Inspire! -  A project manager must be able to communicate at a detailed level but also ensure that others have an understanding of the broader goal and how a particular project contributes to it.
  2. Communication – Project Managers communicate with a variety of internal and external stakeholders, including executive, management, team members, clients, client staff and many others!  Effective verbal and written communication will be key to success
  3. Calm, collected and positive – There’s no denying that Project Management (among many other professions) can be busy and at times stressful.  It’s important that a Project Manager can remain calm and collected under pressure.  A positive can-do attitude is important and will ensure challenges are viewed as opportunities and embraced as interesting learning opportunities.

The traits above combined with technical Project Management skills and training is a recipe for a great Project Manager!

What do you love about working at REW?

The people, products and pace! I enjoy a challenge and a busy, active and evolving environment. REW has a great management team in place and is a fun place to work. There’s a constant focus on the future and it’s exciting to be a part of that!

What advice do you have for someone who wants to be a project manager at REW?



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