Career Spotlight: Colin, Sales Manager


Sales Manager ColinWhat would you say you do here?

I have the pleasure of managing an amazing sales team that’s driven to continue bringing innovative websites with the best in marketing services that generate true ROI to the top realtors in North America.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I work with my team to help provide the solutions our clients need, train with my team one on one, and meet with the other key leaders in the company. I often get to work with clients over the phone or even in person to look into what solutions we offer that best fits their current needs, especially with our new products like “Full Service Leads” or our “Retainer Program”.

How does your background in restaurant sales help in a web technology environment?

Funny question, but if I was going to relate to this, it’s actually about the speed of innovation—changes  in markets and how much both industries deal so heavily with change. Both industries are always moving at a quick pace and the needs of the client are always evolving, making it a good cross over of skills.

Why did you choose REW?

I was working in Vancouver and wanting to move back to the island. I enjoyed some of the innovative companies in Vancouver, so I started looking into what great companies are in Nanaimo, and I came across REW. I was amazed to see a company of this size, capabilities and drive, while still maintaining a sense of “Local”, actually in Nanaimo. I kept in touch with the main recruiters from REW for a while until we lined up a great opportunity for me to join the team, and I have been proud to be here ever since.

What do you look for when hiring new product consultants for your team?

I am looking for someone who can quickly learn the huge amount of information we have to train them on. From Sales to our actual solutions, how we sell and what we do isn’t the standard in most sales worlds, so we need to find the right people. I really focus on accountability as well. First, for our product consultants to be accountable for their own self learning and growth, since we provide many tools to do so. Second, I want people who will be accountable to our clients, because working with us is not meant to be a one-off thing, but a long-term business relationship.

What can you tell us about a little place called Dagger Deep?

…. Yes, I actually LARP (Live Action Roleplay) in my spare time, as well as medieval weapons training and fight clubs. My Main LARP is called Medieval Chaos, located in Duncan, BC. We have almost 500 active members, who practice on 10 acres of land with a township called Dagger Deep. Dagger Deep has merchants and even a tavern! It’s quite the experience and a great place to get a workout, since we do high level combat—from fights off of 20-foot siege walls to battles of nearly 200 people.

Do you have any advice for people considering a career in Sales?

Yes: you get what you put into sales. It’s an amazing career because it’s one of the few where the work is never done, and there is always more to achieve or do, but your extra efforts translate directly into success. Also that to really be good, you have to be willing to take the hits, and keep moving forward; there will be great days and bad, but the best sales people keep moving forward and pick themselves up after a bad day, pushing until they succeed.


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Sonja Millar

As a small business that coinsides with the Dagger Deep Venue and the game Medieval Chaos. I look forward to my interactions with Colin. We've both volunteered for the game in the past and working with him is always easy, and a pleasure.

Sonja Millar
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